We need a safe place to capture and craft our stories.

Enter: Story Hatchery. A place to outwit AI and discover more about ourselves. Let's write. Together.

As writers we search for a safe place to crack open our hearts and explore memories so our stories find their way into this world.

Stories need space and input to develop, mature, take shape, and, in time, “hatch.” Over time we form our personal narrative, revealing who we’ve been and who we’ve become.

I couldn't find that place, so I created it:

Our Human Advantage

We’ll benefit from hatching stories in so many ways.

One side benefit is that with all the hubbub surrounding AI’s power, it can’t tell our stories.

Those are inside us, waiting to be told.

By capturing and crafting our stories—“hatching” them, let’s say—we stay a step ahead while discovering more about ourselves along the way.

These stories can be our own or we might hear stories we want to preserve from friends, loved ones, or books we read (though I think the most important ones bloom from within).

The more stories we have, the better we can support our ideas—our claims.

Machine learning can’t replace those stories (at least not yet), so they are our human superpower.

And to be honest, I haven’t written enough of my stories.

My excuse? I haven’t had enough safe places over the years to let them take shape, let alone hatch. So I’m creating this space where you and I can do the life-giving work of hatching stories.

Hatching Stories Together

Through Story Hatchery, I’ll be doing this work myself. By following along, you’ll read personal stories of what’s made me both the writer and person I am today.

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  • I’ll share prompts I’m using to pull stories out of me
  • You’ll witness my process of making lists, taking notes, and writing drafts
  • I’ll share versions that hatch for public viewing

My current plan is to publish two or three times a month, including a “finished” piece.

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Your Story Hatchery Host

As a writing coach, I realized stories are the key to setting us apart as writers. Stories support our claims. Stories form the human connection between reader and writer.

And I wasn't telling enough of my own stories.

So I created Story Hatchery for me...and for you.

For me to tell stories not just about coaching but about life.

For you to learn about storytelling and find inspiration and tools.

My coaching content is at my main website and all the socials. My stories and storytelling-specific input will be at Story Hatchery on Substack. 

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