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I've gathered my writing resources—both free and paid—in one place on this "Everything" page. Below, you'll find offers like a free course, on-demand webinar, social media challenge, the podcast, tips to organize writing projects, plus the collection of ways you can work with me as your coach, whether through my platform membership community, proposal program, or 1:1 coaching. Grab some freebies and see what works for you!

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Work with me through a membership program (loads of interaction for a low monthly fee), courses, or one-on-one. Check out the options below...


 Your Platform Matters (YPM)

Ann's membership program supplies writers with training and strategies to establish and expand their online presence to reach and retain their ideal reader (a steal at $12/month).

The Art & Craft of Writing (ACW) ENROLLING NOW

In this eight-week intensive, you'll get loads of focused training, live calls, and one-click access to me and your cohort in Mighty Networks. (Open for enrollment NOW for launch Jan 9, 2023!)

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Special Offer: Content Review

Because you're a writer investing in personal development, I'm extending a special offer of content review of 500 words for only $37 (a crazy discount—less than what I normally charge for 1:1 services!).

Your Compelling Book Proposal (YCBP): Self Study

Comprehensive instruction, with 7 modules of training, a proven proposal template that has landed a dozen offers, course workbook,
weekly emails with coaching input, two sample proposal designs.

Your Compelling Book Proposal (YCBP): Proposal Support (most popular)

Everything in the Self Study option plus access to me one-on-one via Voxer for six months, 6 one-hour 1:1 coaching calls ($750 value!), one-month free access to Ann's platform membership (YPM). Join today!

Your Compelling Book Proposal (YCBP): Premium

Everything in the Self Study option, plus 6 months of free access to YPM, 6 months of Voxer access, 6 coaching calls, 1,000 words of content review per call & full proposal review at program completion.


7 Steps to a Clear Book Idea

This course walks you through seven steps to express your nonfiction book's concept and start developing what goes into it. A great place to start when you're planning to write a book—gets you through the first few steps of crafting a book proposal!

Be a Guest

Gain visibility, establish credibility, and connect with listeners as a guest on podcasts. In this $37 course, Ann Kroeker shares the exact process she uses that's landed her on numerous shows.

Perfecting Your Pitch 

In this 90-minute masterclass, you’ll be inspired to craft your pitch with samples and suggestions for both novelists and authors of nonfiction. Led by literary agent Cynthia Ruchti. 

One-on-One Coaching with Ann

Work 1:1 with Ann to achieve your writing goals. She offers several options with calls, including packages with and without content review.

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Books (including On Being a Writer)

Ann coauthored On Being a Writer, authored the digital book 52 Creative Writing Prompts, and wrote two trade nonfiction books for parents. 

Coach on Call: VIP access to Ann via Voxer

Book your Coach on Call for 1, 2, or 4 hours of coaching with Ann Kroeker and bring your questions about writing, publishing, platform, proposals, writer’s block, freelance writing, social media, and more!
Voxer sessions are scheduled between 9:00am and 5:00pm Eastern.

Looking for free stuff?

Free 3-Day Challenge: Craft Your Book's Big Idea

This 3-day challenge walks you step by step through the process of crafting your book's big idea. Go from a vague idea—or ten ideas!—to a clear concept for your nonfiction book. I'll show you how!

Free Webinar: Why You Need a Book Proposal

Watch this FREE, on-demand webinar to learn the essential role a proposal plays in the publishing industry—and how it can serve you, as the writer!

Free Course: Make Your Sentences Sing

This short video course will remind you of the variety of sentence openers you can use to create variety within sentences and enhance the way you write. Mix things up and craft better sentences.

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The "Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach" podcast

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Free Social Media Challenge: 10-4 plus 2

This free challenge produces surprising results. Simply commit to seven days of easy-to-accomplish, meaningful online interaction and you'll find your social media connections expand and deepen.

Articles & Blog Posts

Deep-dive into Ann's coaching insights at her blog, where she's published—and continues to publish—articles and insights that serve writers at all stages so they can improve their craft, pursue publishing, and achieve their goals.

Programs, Apps, and Tools & Use for my Business

Discover tools and resources for writers, whether you’re just getting started or ready to level up. See what Ann uses as a writer and coach for notes, web hosting, podcasting, and more!

How to Generate Ideas for Writing

Download all the ideas in one handy pdf to print out and generate ideas for months and months! Prompts and systems for blogging, essays, creative nonfiction, poems, short stories or novels. Complements this article.

Benefits of Coaching

Why work with a writing coach?

Writers often wonder when or if they should hire a writing coach. Think of my work as filling a gap in the publishing process as I support writers who hit a block of some kind or need specific input. You might encounter this need at any point in the writing journey.

Perhaps you've found support in a writing group or with a mentor, but now you need deep and focused support to reach a goal that they can't offer. Or you searched online and couldn't find answers to your questions. Or you're stuck.

If that's you, it could be time for a coach.

Need a plan to pursue publishing, improve your writing skills, craft a proposal, build your platform, launch a freelance writing business, or learn to submit to litmags? A coach can help you get where you want to go.


Speed up the timeline of your writing journey

One-on-one coaching in particular can address your specific needs, drawing from a wealth of knowledge and experience, speeding up your writing or publishing journey. 


Identify your struggles and strategize next steps

Coaches can ask questions—and help writers learn to ask themselves the right questions—to identify the key areas of struggle and form a plan to address those and move forward.


Get answers

You can spend a lot of time researching the internet in search of answers to writing questions, but coaches can supply answers efficiently so you can get busy doing the work.


Gain confidence

Thoughtful input from a coach who cares will build confidence in writers struggling with an accurate understanding of their skills. A coach can help writers determine next steps based on the goals they've set for themselves.

 Eva Kubasiak 

 author of The Word in Color

and Deep Dive Scripture Journal

Working with Ann Kroeker has been the single most valuable addition to my writing life. Not only are her courses packed with valuable information, but her heart for her clients and passion for helping them reach their writing goals shines through in everything she does. After working with Ann one-on-one, I had the skills and confidence I needed to clearly communicate my book idea through verbal and written communication with agents and publishers. I can't imagine going through the process of writing my book proposal and pitching without her!

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