Elevate Your Skills to Become the Writer You Know You Can Be

How can you level up your writing to achieve your next big goal?

Your passion for words and storytelling drives you to develop your craft. Despite your best efforts, you find yourself struggling to make significant progress on your own.

You thought about applying to an MFA program because it would include input, deadlines, and a cohort of writers pursuing similar goals...but the overwhelming investment of time and money leaves you hesitant to take the leap.

Perhaps you joined writing groups locally or online hoping to find the support and resources you need. While the people are great, these groups lack the structured elements necessary to truly cultivate your growth as a writer.

Then you heard about an eight-week intensive l
ed by a seasoned writing coach with a proven track record. Designed to provide the instruction and support you need to thrive—alongside a community of like-minded writers—this program will set you up to become the writer you know you can be.

Let me introduce you to...

The Art & Craft of Writing (ACW)

This eight-week intensive combines recorded and live training with peer input, model texts, workshopping, and ongoing interaction to set you up for success. You'll elevate your writing skills and create a compelling piece you'll be proud to show an editor or agent. 

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Everybody’s got an opinion on what “good” writing is. You've heard that conversational content connects with readers. Then you hear you can only entice editors with writing that sings.

What does that even mean? And how do you pull it off?

Every writing project requires a pleasing balance of depth and simplicity, substance and style, clarity and cleverness, the freedom of art and the discipline of craft.

The secret to hitting all the marks?

Training. Practice. Input.

During this eight-week intensive, I combine recorded and live training with peer input, model texts, and ongoing interaction to help you gain skills and confidence.

Curious about the program? Enjoy this walkthrough!

In this program you'll...

  • Learn literary/rhetorical devices to jazz up your style and play on the page
  • Apply quick fixes to tighten text and delight editors
  • Discover your strengths to know what works
  • Reverse-engineer model texts to see how others pull off writing that sings
  • Unearth your writing quirks to discern their effect on your prose
  • Find your voice so you sound like...you!

You'll get professional eyeballs on your work, too (an inevitable thing for professional writers, remember?). In addition to peer input, you’ll get Ann's feedback on your primary project: a 3,000-word piece, like a book chapter, essay, article, or blog post (or multiple smaller projects that add up to 3,000 words).

"I now have a system to apply when writing. This system helps me know where to start and prevents the fear of a blank page. I was a consistent and decent writer, but the strategic layout and the content Ann selected for the lessons gave me a better planning and editing eye. I have more skills and information to add to my writing toolbox. Her feedback on my writing was invaluable!"

Jenny Bilskie-Smith

Writer & Therapist

You don’t have to dive into an MFA program to get the direction you need.

By the end of our time together, you'll have the skills you need to complete your 3,000-word piece (or multiple smaller projects that add up to 3,000 words) because in ACW you learned, experimented, and played with new techniques.

What's in this writing intensive?

Focused Training

You get eight weeks of writing training, both recorded and live, to learn style tips, quick fixes, and each phase of a writing project, so you can apply what you learn to your works in progress. After a kickoff orientation call during onboarding, we'll meet live once/week for eight weeks. The recorded content and replays will live in an online learning platform, ready for you to review at any time.

Peer Reviews

You’ll also participate in peer reviews, providing feedback on projects from peers you are teamed up with. I'll provide instruction on how to offer kind, specific input and will model it during writing workshops.

Writing Workshops

The term writing “workshop” is used in the literary world to describe sessions led by an instructor designed to get feedback on a specific project during a live group class or session. In The Art & Craft of Writing, you’ll participate in these, providing feedback on peer projects that are highlighted for the full cohort’s input.

Coach's Review

After the intensive wraps up, you’ll submit your completed project of up to 3,000 words to me for a full review. To provide you with actionable input, I leverage my training and experience in writing and editing—as well as over a decade of coaching authors—to bring you specific personalized feedback.

Community Interaction

You’ll connect with your cohort over Zoom and in a dedicated online community space (we’ll use a platform called Mighty Networks), where you can ask and answer questions and find encouragement right when you need it. The goal is for this cohort to build relationships with each other so you’ll have writing friends to lean on for the eight weeks and beyond.

Ongoing Input from Your Coach

Through the training, workshops, and community space, you’ll get loads of access to me. At the end of the intensive, you’ll also get personalized input on your writing project. You’ll hear so much of my voice see so much of my face, you might even get sick of me!

Before you sink thousands of dollars and years of your life into an MFA program, get the benefits of structure, analysis, training, deadlines, relationships, and personalized input for a one-time payment of $1,997—and a group of writing friends you can turn to for encouragement, input, and support.

I help established and emerging writers be more curious, creative, and productive.

Hi! I'm Ann

I leverage over three decades of experience in the writing and publishing world to support writers looking for input and the confidence they need to advance their careers. My clients have achieved personal goals, landed contracts, hit bestseller lists, and won awards.

A writing coach, author, speaker, and host of the Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach podcast, I work with clients one-on-one, through programs and courses like The Art & Craft of Writing, and in my platform membership program, called Your Platform Matters (YPM). 

My website offers loads of writing-related content, which has landed on The Write Life's annual 100 Best Websites for Writers list six years in a row.

I've presented at conferences, retreats, and summits; co-authored On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life that Lasts; and authored Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families and The Contemplative Mom.

Writing is my deep joy, and coaching is my great passion. I can't wait to support your writing goals through this eight-week intensive.

ACW is for anyone who wants to…

Refresh their writing skills at the project level all the way down to word choices

Your writing will improve when you assess it from both the big-picture level of developing a writing project and the micro level of learning how to experiment with small adjustments—word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. This process is how the best version of your work emerges.

Transform all their projects with writing tools and techniques

Whether you’re an established writer ready to sharpen your craft or a writer in startup mode, nervously sending your first words into the world, you’ll strengthen your skill set in this intensive. Long after the course is over, you’ll use the principles and tools you learn to improve all of your projects, both big and small. 

Build confidence as a writer through the act of writing itself

You’ll develop a writing project throughout the eight weeks, applying what you learn to result in a stronger piece than it was after your first effort. You’ll see the transformation and realize you have new ways to produce stronger prose.

Connect with writing peers on a similar path

The intensive is a cohort-based program, which means you have an opportunity to build relationships with writers who have similar goals. This rare networking opportunity means you can rise together, supporting each other’s work and cheering each other on, and it really happens. Cohorts become a community.

Work with a writing coach to get input on their work

You’ll have access to sought-after writing coach Ann Kroeker, who will be on your team for eight weeks as you interact in group sessions and in the community space. At the end of the intensive, you’ll submit your big project to Ann for review. That’s right! You get her eyes on your work, and she’ll offer specific input so you can see how much you’ve grown.

When you join Ann and your cohort for this eight-week intensive, you'll overcome doubt, elevate your skills, and find—or refine—your voice so you write with greater clarity and confidence.


Author, Photographer, Gardener

I feel ACW is the most effective course I have ever taken.

"I feel ACW is the most effective course I have ever taken. Ann's enthusiasm and gentle honesty along with her expertise are a force for good change. I wish I had a course like this long ago! Ann's resources are excellent and her teaching style is easy to follow. My writing has undergone astronomical change, and I feel much more authentic as a writer after the course. Working this intensely for 8 weeks, time dedicated for the purpose of growth, has fulfilled its purpose. I have a tool-belt of resources helping me see options as thoughts land on the page. I now believe my writing can grow as I practice writing daily."

How It Works

Each week for 8 weeks I release short recorded training you work through to learn and practice new skills. You'll swap a short piece of content with another member of the cohort to offer input on each other's work. And we'll meet live via Zoom to answer questions and workshop someone's short submission. You'll make progress on your project—it's productive and fun! Each week focuses on an aspect of the writing process (see below).


What's the Big Idea?
We launch the course with an overview of the program with training that gives you tools and input to apply right away as you define your project's big idea.


Content Development
Once you land on your big idea and know the direction you want to go, you'll determine what you want to say—the actual content—to support your big idea. 


Organization & Structure
After you solidify your idea, it’s time to organize the material and land on a strong structure. You'll experiment with approaches to find what best suits your work in progress.


Sentence Wrangling
When organizing content, you'll deal with your project at the paragraph level then move to this stage, which focuses on the sentence level.


Word Search
Narrowing down even more, you'll learn the impact of choosing words wisely to suit your target reader, hit the right tone, and fit publisher expectations.


Your Writing Voice
Does your project reflect your own writing voice? Let's find out. We'll work together to hone your voice and discover new ways to articulate yourself more clearly and accurately on the page.


Conventions & Usage
Those details your high school English teacher marked up with a red pen? We'll tackle these at this stage of your project development—when it's nearly complete.


Prep & Ship
Blog posts, article pitches, and book proposals all follow style guidelines and expectations. You'll find out how to prep your project, and as you wrap it up, we'll wrap up the program, as well.


BONUS 1: Discount on 1:1 coaching

You'll get a lot of interaction with me in this intensive as I shares my time and ideas with the cohort through group discussions. If you want a more personal coaching experience, you’ll also receive a 20% discount (one-time use only) on select one-on-one coaching packages so you can enjoy my full attention on you alone.

BONUS 2: One full year in YPM

YPM is my beloved membership program that supplies writers with training and strategies to establish and expand their online presence to reach and retain their ideal reader. With ACW, you'll get an entire year in YPM, including immediate access to the library of trainings and coaching call replays as well as the community hub where we ask questions, get support, and cheer each other on.

I went from not being a "writer" to getting $125 an hour for it!

I went from not being a "writer" to getting $125 an hour for it—all thanks to ACW, no lie. I can’t thank Ann enough! 🙏🏽

Kameko Grant

Freelance Writer, Entrepreneur

What's the price for this 8-week coaching experience?

Enroll for $1997

(Buy Now, Pay Later installment options available)

14-Day Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

I've worked hard to deliver a quality intensive and sincerely hope you find your writing improves when you show up to our live sessions or watch the replays, move through the training, and follow through with the assignments. If for some reason this truly did not deliver the value you expected, however, you may request a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

Develop skills you can use for a lifetime

One day an editor or agent is going to ask you for a sample of your writing. Or you’ll pitch an article or submit an essay.

Some industry professional will read and evaluate your work.

What if you sent in a chapter you were really proud of—prose that conveyed your idea in a style that sounded like you?

In The Art & Craft of Writing, you’ll become a better writer and create a compelling piece you’ll polish and prep to pitch or submit.

And you'll do so with skills you can carry with you and apply to your work long after the eight weeks are over.

Ann openly showed how much she cared for each of us, in our various stages of writing.

"I’m so glad I made the leap back in August. Ann created the incubator we all needed. Now we’re becoming a flock of friends, encouraging even more growth! The intensive was about so much more than process and mechanics. Ann openly showed how much she cared for each of us, in our various stages of writing. Ann was the glue—the magic!"



How do we meet?

We will meet virtually using Zoom and in our online community space. Live meetings are once/week and occasionally in the community space.

  • Onboarding after enrollment including a one-hour kickoff session during onboarding week (Fall 2023, onboarding week is September 3-9)
  • Live Coaching Calls/Workshops once/week (Fall 2023 the live calls will be Thursdays, 2-3:30pm Eastern, beginning September 14)
  • We might add one one-hour workshop session potentially added to ensure members get input on excerpts.

All events will be recorded with replays available.

How will my work be reviewed?

This cohort based course offers two ways for you to receive input on your writing. The first is through short assignments you complete each week to practice principles you learn in the training. Those will be peer reviewed after one person's piece is workshopped on the live call. Led by Ann, this workshop will be encouraging and energizing, identifying what works and offering specific ideas to make your work even stronger.

By the end of the program, you will complete a project of up to 3,000 words (or multiple smaller projects that add up to 3,000 words). At the close of the eight weeks, you can submit your finished piece to me for review as part of your investment. Please submit within two months and, due to the personalized nature of this course benefit, please allow two months from my receiving it to receive your completed review.

White female's torso seen sitting at a white desk, wearing blue denim shirt, left hand on laptop keyboard and right hand holding blue pen poised to write on spiral bound notebook.

How much time will this take?

We want you to elevate your skills so you can become the writer you know you can be. This happens when you read, learn, write, and get feedback on your work, so we designed this program with those elements in mind. 

How long will it take? Every writer's creative process is unique—one person may write, revise, and polish quickly while another may take longer to develop a project, making it difficult to offer an accurate estimate. 

Our weekly live sessions will be 1.5 hours, including time for Q&A (an additional session may be added to ensure members get input on their submitted excerpts). The Quick Fixes and Style Tips are short recorded trainings with simple assignments to play with what you learn.

That adds up to approximately 2.5 to 3 hours per week of live sessions and recorded training. Add in your writing time, peer reviews, and occasional community interaction to get an idea of what this will require.

What tech is required?

If you have reliable Internet access, you can access everything from a browser. Here's what we'll use to stay connected during the time we work together:

  • Mighty Networks is our main community space, available 24/7 as a mobile app or in a browser (via browser or the mobile app)
  • Teachable for recorded content and replays (I'll link out to the lessons from Mighty Networks and through weekly emails)
  • Zoom for group coaching calls (via browser or the mobile app)
  • Email for reminders (these will come from me, using ConvertKit)
  • Google Docs as needed to share documents and comment on each other's work (via browser or the mobile app)

Apart from that, you'll be online on your own at times reading articles, essays, poetry, and other literary work. And you'll probably want a digital device for much of your writing, though feel free to launch your creative process with pen and paper.