(First, a long introduction, then…) Monday FunDay–Do Something Creative


No one was around when my friend dropped me off at home yesterday after the long drive from Grand Rapids. My family was at a soccer match. The house was empty.I dropped my suitcase not far from the back door.Got a drink of water.Climbed up the stairs to my bedroom.Flipped back the covers (The … [Read more...]

The Boy That Never Sees

I came across this poem in a reader that someone gave me many years ago, called Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 1: Second Edition.The Boy That Never SeesGod help the boy that never seesThe butterflies, the birds, the bees,Nor hears the music of the breeze     When zephyrs soft are blowing;Who … [Read more...]

WFMW Containerize Kids Laundry

Shannon is suggesting a "Greatest Hits" edition of Works For Me Wednesday. While last week's overnight crockpot steel-cut oatmeal instructions were wildly popular, this post was a big hit in its day. It first appeared in February 2007.I’ve never liked doing the laundry–especially for six people–but … [Read more...]

Monday FunDay (week 10)–Get Up and Play

Welcome!You've arrived at home base for Monday FunDay, a carnival dedicated to swapping simple, amusing–maybe even silly–everyday ways you enjoy good, clean fun.Monday FunDayTo participate in Monday FunDay, just post a story, idea, or explanation at your blog of how you and/or your family has … [Read more...]

The Simplicity of Reading

I recently came across a passage in a book called Graceful Simplicity.In a chapter entitled "The Politics of Simplicity," in a section subtitled "Education for Simple Living," the author claimed that "In educating for simple living, three building blocks stand out: fostering a love of books, … [Read more...]

Six-Year-Old Accountability Partner

Our youngest is extremely verbal. He listens, remembers, and repeats. He thinks about things a lot. He asks questions and when we're not expecting it, our own words will come back to us via his sweet, thoughtful, six-year-old voice. And when we state our intentions and commitments out loud, we're … [Read more...]

Monday FunDay (week 3)

** Works For Me Wednesday visitors get in on the fun by reading below. Find your way back to "Don't Try This at Home" here. **It’s Monday. Again. Strange how it comes around with such amazing regularity...Are you feeling a little down? A little dreary? A little blue?Monday FunDayJoin us every Monday … [Read more...]

Monday Really Was Fun

I sure enjoyed visiting the Monday FunDay participants' posts, storing up fun ideas to enjoy with my kids.La Donna Mobile wrote a post entitled "Let Children Be Children," highlighting a long passage from a book I'd never heard of, called Glimpses into the Life and Heart of Marjorie Pay … [Read more...]

Monday FunDay

Monday FunDayOh, yes, it's Monday FunDay, friends. Time to swap simple, amusing--maybe even silly--everyday ways you and your family can enjoy some good, clean fun.A quick review--you can write up a little post with a story, idea, or explanation of how you and/or your family has livened up Mondays … [Read more...]

Feelin' Groovy

Sometimes I just stumble on something that I take for granted and suddenly realize that the kids have never seen, heard, smelled, tasted, encountered or ever thought about it.Like a famous line from an old movie. Just the other day, one of the girls had a friend over who had to work on some Latin … [Read more...]