Food on Fridays: Chicken Curry w/Sweet Potatoes

(alternative button below)Here at the Food on Fridays carnival, any post remotely related to food is welcome. Recipes are enjoyed, but you can just spell your name with macaroni noodles, take a picture, publish it on your blog, and link right up to the carnival. That's fine with us.In other words, … [Read more...]

Friday Food Thoughts: Crockpot Lime Chicken Tacos

My friend Sharon sent me this link when she saw that I needed Crock Pot recipes: Lime Chicken Tacos.Here's the recipe along with my personal notes inserted in parentheses.Lime Chicken TacosIngredients: 1-1/2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breasts 3 tablespoons lime juice 1 tablespoon chili … [Read more...]

Crock-Flops and Minor Crock-Successes

I was so eager to try some new recipes in the crockpot after being inspired by A Year of Crockpotting that I did a little online search and came up with this highly recommended stew: Crockpot Chicken & Quinoa. It looked soooo good in the photograph. The instructions were easy. I even shocked … [Read more...]

Overnight Crockpot Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Country Choice Organic Steel Cut Oats

Over a year ago, I posted a brief explanation (after forcing readers to suffer through the details of the Valentine's Day storm that snowed us in), but I've had so many conversations since then about the profound culinary pleasure of crockpot steelcut oatmeal that I felt like posting a more involved … [Read more...]