The Blessing of Boredom

"I'm bored," a child whines. Oh, no! Quick, pull out the paints or Playdough--heaven forbid the child actually sits with nothing to do.In our entertainment-obsessed society, we almost panic at the thought of having nothing to do, at being bored. The world seems to want to fill every spare moment … [Read more...]

Monday FunDay (week 4)

Monday FunDayI'd like to say happy Presidents' Day to my fellow Americans.No matter what country you're from, however, you're invited to join us every Monday to read and post good, clean, everyday ideas for making the day more fun.Because "fun" is subjective, go ahead and write up what you think is … [Read more...]

Monday FunDay

Not long ago, I generated a list of ways to feel young again. Today, I got to thinking about another list of simple little ways to inject some fun into the day--for families and anyone else who feels winter-dreary.And then, I thought, Hey, what better day than Monday--when people feel a little … [Read more...]

Where Are All the Children?

After school a couple of days ago, the kids and I walked to a nearby pond. A layer of ice coated most of the pond. Near the edges, the ice was thinner, and the kids discovered that with a stick, they could chip at the edges and break off ice chunks.They piled the chunks behind them for later use. … [Read more...]

Feel Young Again

Now that I'm deemed historic and officially old, I decided to generate a list of ways to feel young again. Color. Pull out a coloring book from your kids' collection or print a free page off the Internet, pull out a 64-pack of Crayolas with the sharpener in back, and see if you can stay in the … [Read more...]

Every Blog Ought to Post about Beowulf at Some Point

Since I'm trusting that you don't mind my mixing things up here, I decided to test you a bit.Today's post is about Beowulf.I mentioned this to one of my friends. "Beowulf?" she asked, doubtfully."Sure.""This isn't one of your devotional posts, is it?""No. No, it isn't," I admitted."Then what would … [Read more...]