Because it is, after all, Awards Season

I am so grateful that this blog has been meaningful in some way to someone.If you scroll down the page, you'll see that I've actually won something! I hardly ever win things--to illustrate, I entered numerous giveaways in the last two Bloggy Giveaways without being chosen for a single item. But … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Deal with Blogger's Block

Sometimes ideas are rumbling around in my brain's gray matter, but I can't seem to capture them and put them into words. When I try but can't seem to compose a meaningful post for my readers, here are some productive ways to keep mentally, creatively, and spiritually "active"--and often, quite … [Read more...]

Blogs, Comments, and Keeping Up the Conversation

It's Works For Me Wednesday "backwards edition," where I get to pose a question. I have several that are blog-specific about comment protocol: After you've left a comment on somebody's blog, do you expect a response from the blogger? If so, do you look for it in the stream of comments or as an … [Read more...]

Backwards WFMW: Blog-Definition

On the backwards edition of Works For Me Wednesday, I get to ask questions instead of offer tips. This blog first came about because of the book I'd written. My publisher suggested I start a blog back when most people I knew had never heard of blogs or blogging. I had to explain it to them, and they … [Read more...]

Feed Me (a Carrot), Seymour!

About a week ago I posted about blogs needing to be fed.A bit later, I shared my experience at a writing workshop called "Writing from the Heart," where the leader recommended we find the convergence of heart and mind, where what we're dealing with at a heart level is also what we're thinking a lot … [Read more...]

Write from the Heart

At the writers' colloquium I attended last weekend, the one where Haven Kimmel brought the keynote message, I participated in a breakout session entitled "Writing from the Heart." The workshop leader, Brent Bill, led us through a couple of simple exercises designed to illustrate that while it's … [Read more...]

Feed Me, Seymour!

At a writing event this weekend, one of the speakers leading a breakout session mentioned his blog. He said, "A blog is like an animal--you must feed it."True. To keep a blog alive, it needs food in the form of quality content.But how much? And how often? Monster-plant-sized portions daily, or a … [Read more...]