Olympic Marathon Ponytails

The Boy (6yo) was in my bedroom watching the Olympics, making himself scarce while the rest of us cleaned up after dinner.He came down when he heard some discussion about ice cream sundaes."Were you watching the Olympics?" I asked."Yes.""What's on? Are they showing that Michael Phelps race … [Read more...]

Three Ways to Bring Balance to Your Face

I've already offered my grossest Works For Me Wednesday idea.Now I'm going to offer three of my weirdest tips--and they're all related to the face.Specifically about bringing balance to the: Teeth Eyebrows SmileTEETHOne time I was looking at a picture of Katie Couric. Here's one that will suffice to … [Read more...]

Final Festival Report: Katherine Paterson on Beauty

One major revelation I walked away with from the Festival is my need to improve my note-taking skills. I have only sparse, sketchy sentence fragments to work with. Normally I record interviews and messages so that I can review them later, but the organizers didn't allow it. So my final notes … [Read more...]

Spa Night with Gadgets and a Cup of Calm

Last night, I joined a small group of women from church for "Spa Night."I must admit, I was reluctant. I've never had a manicure (well, I paid for a lame one before my wedding almost 17 years ago, but that's it) nor a pedicure. I was afraid the evening would be centered on the application of glitzy … [Read more...]