Pursuing Your God-Given Dreams

Pursuing Your God Given DreamsAs a boy, my father-in-law, Clement (also known by his English nickname, “Bud”), accompanied his dad to some remote African villages where they planned to distribute a small quantity of leaflets with a message of the Bible in French. The family served as missionaries in what was then known as Belgian Congo (now Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC), where Bud was born and raised.

As the truck rumbled over the rugged African landscape, the villagers could hear it coming from miles away and were waiting to greet them. Bud and his dad began passing out the leaflets to the people, who were overjoyed to receive printed literature. They rushed to the truck to get a copy.

The small quantity was far from enough for everyone. Bud watched people walk away empty-handed, discouraged. Then he witnessed a fistfight break out between two grown men—fighting over a copy of the literature.

Standing in the bed of the truck that day, Bud was horrified. People should not have to fight over a copy of any piece of Christian literature—there should be enough to go around! If he could do something about it, he would.

That was the start of a dream. Bud decided to be a missionary printer, not knowing all that was involved in publishing.

In his teens, Bud moved from Africa to Oregon, where he stayed with friends of the family to finish high school in the States. From there, he went to Wheaton College for university studies. By then, the dream had grown into a plan: Bud and his father were forming a mission that would publish Christian literature in French specifically to distribute to French-speaking African nations for low-cost or free… (read more)

* * * * *

I recently wrote an article for The High Calling that featured my father-in-law, whose life experiences could fill a book, including adventures of growing up in Congo, traveling in the States, raising six kids in Belgium, and more recently, launching Congo Open Heart.

In the article I highlighted how he pursued his God-given dreams—my hope is that his courage and faith inspire you to continue pursuing your God-given dreams.

Read more at “Aligning Talents with Dreams: It Takes Courage.”

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    1. The printed page is truely powerful. Your father-in-law – – a man of God inspired by viewing grown men fighting over a piece of Christian literature was amazing. His dream to become a person who prints literature and makes it available perhaps not to just Africa was God given.

      • Exactly! I tell more of the story in the piece over at The High Calling. The literature does go out to more than just Francophone Africa. The longevity of the printed page cannot be underestimated–people will hold onto pamphlets and leaflets for decades sometimes and pull them out at just the moment the Holy Spirit can use the message to touch them. It amazes me how God continues to use their work.

    2. Can’t tell you how thrilled I am to get a little more of your story, your family story. Heading over to finish this. . .

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