Not So Fast at Soul Stops, Pt. 2

If you’re moving a little too fast today, feeling rushed and stressed, I encourage you to take two minutes to listen to the following song. I suspect you’ll be grinning by the time the Smothers Brothers step in to help with the ending, and you’ll feel far more relaxed, even groovy:

When you’ve settled into that unexpectedly happy place, mosey over to Soul Stops. Dolly’s interview with me on the subject of slowing down has spilled into a second post, and you can enjoy another chance to win a copy of Not So Fast. Yes, I’m giving away two copies of Not So Fast. (Congratulations to Alecia Simersky for winning the first copy!)

In part two, you’ll find out how we’ve handled technology with our kids. Have we always been this low tech?

Sunset Kids LOVE Not So Fast

Click through to find out.

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    1. I love, love, love, love, love the Smothers Brothers. I miss them. I like S & G, too. This was great. Heading over…

    2. Sometimes “choosing groovy”exhilarates. Thank you Ann.

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