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Not So Fast book balanced on vanI overheard one of my daughters talking with her sister on the phone: “Well, hurry up,” she said, “but don’t break any laws.”

Despite over a decade of committing to a slower, more sustainable pace, “hurry up” has crept into our family’s vocabulary. Then again, perhaps it is our more relaxed pace that prompts this call to speed things up a bit?

I wrote a book about slowing down, but we don’t live it perfectly. In fact, I revisit my own book periodically to evaluate our family’s evolution and identify where we need to adjust our pace, reclaim our schedule, and focus once again on what matters most.

My friend Dolly is interviewing me on Soul Stops today, asking about several topics covered in Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families. As I’ve interacted with Dolly, I’ve enjoyed reflecting on the principles of the book and where we are at in this new stage of life. I’m seeing once again how life goes by so fast. Why would I have wanted to rush through it and miss the beauty?

I’m glad we slowed down years ago, when the kids were little, as it gave us many moments like this:


That was taken in 2009. Today, our eldest is finishing up her freshman year of college, and the next-oldest is graduating high school this year. With only two kids at home this fall, we’ll be entering a new stage, a new phase. How will we adjust our pace?

Visit Dolly to read part one of her interview with me and follow the instructions to enter a drawing—she’s giving away not just one but two copies of Not So Fast!

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    1. This is such great wisdom Ann. I wish I had implemented your ideas when my children were young. As it is, these days I am trying to slow, to savor the moments. I have a tendency to rush ahead – always thinking about the next thing. The days slip through my hands and instead of enjoying them I am just plain worn out.
      I have your book on my kindle carousel. If I could only manage to somehow get a few extra hours in my day….
      Heading over to read the interview.

      • Linda, I’ve spoken on this topic at retreats and gatherings of all kinds, and I have heard from numerous retirees that they are busier than ever and need this same reminder to slow down in order to put first things first. I hope that you find appropriate rest so you can find energy and vision to enjoy your life.

        We can’t get more hours in the day, but if we can manage to rest, maybe we can make better use of the hours we’re awake. :)

        Also, I just want to note that you are in as busy a stage caring for your parents as you were when your kids were little. Please be kind to yourself.

    2. I did everything backwards when my children were small. So many things I would have done differently with all the “wisdom” I now have at my fingertips. :-)

      • Oh, Hazel, we all do the best we can with the information we have a the time. And look how you bless and mentor people now? You are passing along your own wisdom and insight, and that goes a long way, and I’ll bet your kids appreciate learning from what you know now. You are a gift!

    3. I hosted a large wedding shower this past weekend and it took weeks of planning and prep.
      On Sunday one of the ladies who attended said I had earned three days of rest. Later that day I was enjoying visiting with an aunt in South Carolina and giving details of the party and she said “Well done, you deserve 3 days of rest. Both ladies in their 70’s encouraged me with the same advice. The messages in your book are timeless and need to be revisited often. Thank you Ann. I’m adjusting my pace.

      • I love that! Three days of rest (at least!).

        And you know that you are such an inspiration to me, living the right-paced life for so many years. You have such a rich relationship with the Lord, with others, with your family, because of this. And you make my life rich. Thank you for slipping in here after your busy, busy time.

    4. Janis Muncy says:

      I am just now getting familiar with your blog! Wow, i needed that post on ruts. That is right where we are right now! Prayers answered through your post. I am going to take my time and enjoy looking around the site. There is so much wonderful writing about the everyday triumphs and trials of family life. Thanks for being true to you and bringing all of this great content to the world!

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