Winner of “Cracking Up” by Kimberlee Conway Ireton

Cracking Up book coverLast week’s book response highlighted Cracking Up: A Postpartum Faith Crisis by Kimberlee Conway Ireton. I decided to include a book giveaway.

Commenters on that post were entered into a drawing to win a copy of Cracking Up (except a few who said they already owned a copy). I wrote out each name and put them all in a straw hat. After shaking the names around, I held the hat above my second-eldest daughter’s head and asked her to pull one. She plucked a name from the hat, unfolded it and held it out for the witness, my husband, to read aloud. This is the name he read:

Ruth, of Island Potpourri.

Ruth, you won the book! Let’s chat about how I can get this to you. One idea: I fly to Jamaica to hand-deliver it? I’m only joking, but I would love to meet you in person, Ruth.

For those who don’t know, I got to know Ruth years ago through blogging, back when I hosted a project a few times a year called Mega Memory Month, encouraging people to work for a month to memorize longer chunks of Scripture, poetry, speeches. Ruth joined Mega Memory Month almost every time it rolled around, and we held each other accountable on our blogs by sharing progress reports.

Over the years, other bloggers with wider reach began to emphasize the importance of long-form memory work, so I retired Mega Memory Month and left the leadership of that discipline in the capable hands (and minds) of others. Even without Mega Memory Month to keep us on the same page, however, Ruth has continued to stay in touch, and I’m so glad.

Step into Ruth’s world through her stories and thoughtful reflections at Island Potpourri.

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    1. Oh Ann… I saw this only after I replied to your email. Hand-delivery sounds great! :-D

      I know you’re only joking, but maybe one day…. You just never know. Thanks again, my friend.

      • Looks like I”ll have to rely on the United States Postal Service to deliver it to you, but like you said….maybe one day.

        Congratulations on being the name selected–I kind of wish I’d videotaped the selection process. It’s kind of fun to have a name read aloud by the witness. It seemed very official: “Ruth.”

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