Food on Fridays: Closed for Good

Sometime in early 2009 I spontaneously decided to start a food-themed link-up. Because “food” starts with the letter “f”, I named it Food on Fridays.

That’s the story of how Food on Fridays began.

Now I will tell you its ending.

About a month ago, in the midst of facilitating a writing workshop and elbow deep in editing projects, I climbed into bed on a Friday night and suddenly realized I had completely forgotten to publish anything for Food on Fridays. I’d done this before and actually hauled myself out of bed, searched my computer and phone for a decent food photo, and popped up a post for people to link up late.

This time I didn’t get up. I lay there feeling a little like Forrest Gump on the day he decided he was done running.

Like Forrest, I suddenly realized I was pretty tired of writing about food. Abruptly, without warning or explanation, I stopped publishing Food on Fridays.

And just like that, my Food on Fridays days was over.

I’m sorry I didn’t explain myself until now. I needed a break, I guess, to see if I missed it. But I don’t. I’m done.

I’ll still be trying new recipes and sorting out my dietary restrictions, but I won’t bother writing about it. Plenty of other food bloggers are handling food topics far more effectively than I ever did or ever will. Besides, I’m eager to focus my blog’s content on topics related to my professional life as a writing coach and editor.

Friends, I’m honored that you’ve been part of Food on Fridays these past four years. That’s one thing about food: it brings people together. So although I will no longer offer recipes and baking tips, I hope our lives continue to intersect.

In the meantime, eat well, feast with friends, and drink deeply of the good things in life.

Oh, and feel free to email me your favorite gluten-free recipes from time to time.

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  • Comments

    1. Thanks Ann, I figured something was up. We all get tired, and it is either time to do something different or pick up what we enjoy most. Your site has enjoyed a good run and I for one will miss it. Honestly I have picked up some cool recipes, but most of my own posts have been stories about food withoug a recipe.
      Anyway may you be blessed in going forward in your writing, editing and coaching. ♥

    2. Ann, WHATEVER you decide to write about, I’ll read it. I promise. Just write, okay???

      • Now THAT’S an invitation I can’t refuse! That’s my plan, Diana, and I am eager to write about more than oatmeal and pizza crust. :)

        Thank you for always being here.

      • Me too!

        • Thank *you* for always being here, too, Ruth. You’ve been with me for so, so long, with the memory theme and then the food theme. You are a gem. Thank you for this encouragement to write anything! :)

          • Let’s not forget the ‘Make-Do Mondays’ theme. :-D

            I have learned a lot from you over the years – whether you realise that or not – and I truly appreciate your writing. Thanks, Ann. :-)

            • Yes, yes! Make-Do Mondays–I gave that up, too, but think about it from time to time. I think Pinterest has made Make-Do Mondays unnecessary.

              I’m so glad you came into my life, Ruth. I’m honored that things I’ve written has been helpful to you!

    3. I understand. Makes sense. Good for you in being able to stop with clarity and without apology. I wrote a few food posts I probably wouldn’t have written without this linky place to attach them to, so I’m glad I discovered it, even pretty late in the game. Blessings on whatever’s next.

      • I think writing about life and food is different than keeping a food blog thing going, and that’s what it was becoming: a food blog thing. That didn’t feel right.

        But stories about how food creates connections, how breaking bread can bind us together, how memories and recipes hold meaning…those are treasures. I think you should keep writing those, because look how it inspired a discussion of peanut butter toast and bacon, and pulled up my own family tradition of peanut butter toast and sliced tomatoes?

      • And thank you for the blessings. :)

    4. This makes me excited! Because every ending is also a . . .

      Well, thank you very much for the time you had Food on Fridays. I’ll still make clementine candles, and put pumpkin in my chili, and buy Endangered Species chocolate when it’s on sale. :)

      • Monica, you make me smile! You know, the helpful or amusing ideas I can’t help but share. But maybe I’ll do it over on Facebook in the Notes section or on my quiet Tumblr page.

        I love that we’ve been tied together by those clementine candles, though. I love how you took it to the next level with the beautiful cards.

    5. Ann- I consider my entries in your FOF linky to be our first collaboration, and just look where we have gone from there! I loved the way you brought food to life with your experimentation and humor. I can’t wait to see what else comes to life here, though. More good to come!

      • What a lovely thought–two cooks in a virtual kitchen, whipping up stories (and recipes–we’ve been in both of our actual kitchens, as well). My food history has sure been about experimentation.

        Last night I shared this post with my family, and one of my daughters laughed and said, “You ran out of ideas, didn’t you.”

        Maybe I’m low on ideas for food, but I have lots of ideas to come! :)

    6. Ann~I will definitely miss these Friday posts. We have built a special friendship here and I look forward to reading and commenting on your future posts. We each go through different seasons in our lives, and I applaud you and others who are able to recognize and accept when one ends for the beginning of something even greater. That is the hardest thing for me to do. As we’ve put Christmas up once again, I wanted it to be smaller and put some things away–for good–as our lives have become smaller. But it’s all up again as we await some visitors coming. Too old and tired :)
      But I do hope to continue posting recipes and the fun surrounding them. I hope I can take others into our family as you have.
      Blessings, Janis

      • Janis, I agree–we’ve found each other through the “table” set here. You will be able to write about food and post at many link-ups. And we can gather in this space and talk about other things, telling stories, figuring out next steps of all kinds in life. I love the story you shared right here in your comment box. Figuring out what is “right” for a particular stage or life season is indeed a challenge. I think with Food on Fridays, I had to listen to whatever it was that made me just lie there in bed. Maybe it’s a little “too old and tired” speaking to me, or maybe it’s just a turn in a new direction. I hope it’s the latter and hope that to discover new posts that make more sense with the topics I want to cover.

        You’re a doll. I’m glad our lives have intersected and look forward to how they will continue to.

    7. I understand, Anne. Food on Fridays was always fun for me, but I get it: when something’s time is up, you have to move on.



    8. Ahhh…they say all good things must come to an end … I will still be hopping over every Friday just to read the the blog! :) Thanks for hosting all that time!

    9. I’m sorry I didn’t see this until now, Ann. It’s been a really busy season in our lives as well and I’ve been struggling to keep up. I’ve so enjoyed Food on Fridays and I will miss it, but I will definitely continue to visit and enjoy your blog! I hope you had a blessed Christmas. Warm wishes for a very Happy New Year!

      • April, you have been such an encourager, supporting and promoting Food on Fridays all these years. Continue your classy, wonderful foodie work for the world to enjoy, and thank you for stopping by–I hope to see you here and on Facebook despite the closing of Food on Fridays. Keep an eye open–a friend may take the baton and run with it on her blog!

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