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Food on Fridays with Ann


Through social media and texting I’ve stayed in touch fairly well with my college-aged daughter, but I’ve been advised to send letters, because who doesn’t love snail mail?

Back in early September I sent her a newsy letter along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE). Inside that SASE (to be clear, I addressed the inside envelope to my home address), I slipped a version of the following form letter that my husband and I invented late one night when we thought we were very clever.

All she had to do was fill out a few lines, circle appropriate responses, fold it up and stick it in the SASE to mail home. No fussying with stamps or thinking up stuff to say. And though it took a few weeks for her to send it off, it eventually worked! Just yesterday I received her response, and now I know her favorite food at the dining commons (French toast sticks).

Wondering how the first weeks of school have gone for your college kid (or any person you’d like to hear back from)? Create your own Form Letter and send it off with a friendly note. Why? Because it’s fun to send college students mail and imagine their delight at receiving it, and it’s fun to receive snail mail from your college student, even if the handwriting on the envelope is your own.

September ______, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

I can’t wait to tell you all about my first weeks at ________________ (school name)!

My favorite activity so far is ___________________________________________. I’ve already made ______ (#) friends, like _____________________________ (name) and ______________________________ (name). I met them in the dorm/in class/at the coffee shop/other ____________________ (circle one). The date of my first opportunity to meet the president was __________________________________. I  did/did not (circle one) speak with him.

I did a pretty good job packing, but I forgot _________________________, so I had to buy it at Wal-Mart/Target/local hardware store/other ________________ (circle one). Speaking of forgetting things, next time you come, I hope you don’t mind bringing me __________________________________________. Thanks!

The food here is delicious/tasty/edible (circle one), and my favorite thing they serve is _________________________________________. I usually sit with _________________________________ (name) at lunch and ______________________________ (name) at dinner. I’ve gone with friends for ice cream/coffee/pizza/Splurpees/other _____________ (circle all that apply) ______ times already.

One activity I really look forward to is _____________________________. My classes are awesome/interesting/tough/confusing (circle all that apply). My favorite class is __________________________________ because ____________________________________.

I’m so glad that you made it possible for me to attend ______________________________ (name of school). I can’t wait to see you as soon as possible/on Parents’ Weekend/sometime in December (circle one).

Later, dude/See you around/Love/Ciao/Until we meet again (circle one),

____________________________________________ (signature)

* * * * *


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    2. What a fabulous idea, Ann! It’s such a treat to get letters these days and this is a great way to encourage students to correspond. I’ll be sharing this post on my Facebook page and Google +. This week I’ve shared a Triple Ginger Pound Cake. Thank you for hosting!

      • Thank you for sharing this, April, through your social media channels. I actually think this would be nice for all kinds of people…and you could make it sillier for kids who would get a laugh out of a particular sense of humor.

    3. I’m about to rush off to Moms in Prayer with the local high school moms! I’m so excited to share this letter and your website this morning. Several have college students, so the timing is perfect. Thanks for a fantastic tool.

      • I’m so glad, Trish! Some moms might want to make it half silly and half serious. For one of my other two daughters, I might have made it ridiculous in spots just to make them laugh. I wasn’t sure how my eldest would “read” some of the options, so I kept it kind of toned down. I think the way this could be personalized for kids could make it a lot of fun.

        I also went back and forth with whether or not I should wait for a reply before sending the next one, or sending one every week and then she can let them pile up and send them all at once. I defaulted to waiting for her to reply to the first one in case she hated it and felt that they were sort of a curse instead of a blessing. But now I think I’ll start sending them for fun even if she doesn’t reply right away.

    4. This is awesome!

    5. What a neat idea. I have a granddaughter in college and I just might do this for her.

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