Food on Fridays: Endangered Species Chocolate

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Food on Fridays with Ann

endangered species chocolateOn a recent trip, I bought two Endangered Chocolate bars to share with my husband: the dark chocolate with cherries and dark chocolate with raspberries.

When I got home, I bought dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds and dark chocolate with peppermint crunch.

First of all, the chocolate bar with cherries and the one with raspberries? Both are divine.

Next, please note the company mission:

Endangered Species Chocolate was born out of a desire to make an impact on the growing number of plant and animal species that are disappearing from Earth. With interests rooted in a deep love of chocolate making, Endangered Species Chocolate set out in 1993 to source natural, ethically traded chocolate as a carrier for an environmental message. Through the crafting of premium, thoughtfully sourced chocolate, Endangered Species Chocolate generates funds for conservation efforts worldwide.

…Every time you purchase a bar, you raise support for species and habitats worldwide. Each year, Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10% of net profits to environmental non-profits that are focused on wildlife conservation and habitat preservation.

Also, all but their seasonal products are certified gluten-free, and their dark chocolate products are 72% cocoa and non-GMO.

Can it get any better than this?

Yes, it can: I can buy them at my local Kroger grocery store! I found them on a rack set up in the health food section (also available at our local Whole Foods, though items can be ordered direct from their website).

Finally, check out their domain name:

I’m a fan.

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  • Comments

    1. Lynn Hopper says:

      Does this mean you don’t want anything from The Chocolate Tree?

      • annkroeker says:

        Oh, Endangered Species Chocolate Bars compared with The Chocolate Tree is like comparing Wendy’s fries to Belgian frites. They are essentially the same ingredients, and I really like Wendy’s fries a lot–they’re my favorite fast-food fries–but the Belgian fries are sooo much better and they have all those delicious sauces that it’s not fair to compare. :)

        In other words, I’d love Chocolate Tree chocolates; it’s just that we don’t have The Chocolate Tree in these parts, but we do have Endangered Species…just like I don’t have access to Belgian frites but I can get Wendy’s.

        (p.s. I like the creme fillings and the jellied ones and even the marshmallow filled ones with dark chocolate. Yum!)

    2. just found your linky. I linked to my own linky, it’s food related but for kids. Hope you enjoy :)

    3. We like these for stocking stuffers! I feel lucky that I rarely crave chocolate, because the mainstream stuff often is not only bad for the environment but also harvested and processed by workers who are treated very poorly. Here is my brother’s tip for affordable organic chocolate.

    4. What a fabulous domain name, and what wonderful chocolate! It sounds so good, and it’s so nice to know that you can help the planet while eating something so delicious :)

      • annkroeker says:

        I don’t know why I was so charmed by…maybe because it’s so obvious, I’m surprised no one else bigger (Mars company, for example) got it.

    5. I must admit that I crave chocolate more than I probably should, so I will definitely look for these at my local store!

    6. I love chocolate, so I must search for this one! My post has no food, as I am running out of recipies.

      • Hope you can find it or something like it, Hazel! Your posts don’t have to be recipes if you just write about food. This, after all, was not a recipe; simply a post about chocolate! :)

    7. I just bought their 72% with cacao nibs and 72% with blueberries. Two of each, because they were BOGO at King Soopers. :) I’ve used these bars for giftwrap (tying one on instead of a bow).

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