Food on Fridays: Thai-ish Lettuce Wraps

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Food on Fridays with Ann

A few pieces of leftover chicken remained in a container in the fridge. I reached for coleslaw mix (bagged shredded cabbage and carrots) to make a salad and noticed the chicken—suddenly, I was hit with an idea.

I diced the chicken into tiny bits, tossed it into a skillet along with enough coleslaw mix to fill a bowl, cooking in about a teaspoon of sesame oil until the cabbage was lightly cooked, retaining some crunch. I shook on a light dusting of onion powder, squeezed on some soy sauce, squished in a bit of peanut butter, and then sprinkled on some sesame seeds and slivered almonds. At the last minute, I minced a tiny bit of garlic and mixed that in as it finished cooking.

lettuce wrap bowl

I tasted as I worked, and I might have added some pepper, but I can’t recall for sure. All I know is that after I washed and dried the lettuce leaves and set the bowl of filling on the table, my husband and I took one bite and couldn’t get enough of it.

lettuce wrap 1

I’m sorry I didn’t take better notes. I just cooked, tasted, adjusted seasonings, and then served and ate it.

lettuce wrap 2 hands

How satisfying to take a little of this and a little of that from things that might have gone to waste, and end up creating a special lunch from leftovers.

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  • Comments

    1. What a lovely lunch! Your post has made my mouth water :) It’s so satisfying using up leftovers as well. This week I’ve shared a quick and easy fish dish. Thank you for hosting.

    2. Yum! Sounds delicious! I love when that happens too – and I need to be more proactive in making it happen more often.

    3. That sounds yummy! I recently discovered lettuce wraps as a gf alternative for bread. I need to add them to my grocery list for next week.

    4. I think I’ve got most of that. Dinner!

    5. I love it when you can save left overs and they turn into such a delicious sounding lunch. We did that today with some left over roast beef, left over vegetables and a package of “Top Roman” soup, Final mix was Stir fried and so good.

    6. Ann, this sounds delicious. My mouth is watering. I can hardly wait to try it!


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