Food on Fridays: Penn Station Grilled Artichoke Sub


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Food on Fridays with Ann

Last week we devoted one particular day to family fun. Before heading to bowling, we stopped by a restaurant I’d never been to before: Penn Station. One of the girls had been there and raved about it.In spite of her recommendation, I had low expectations. After all, it was a chain restaurant. They make expensive subs.Well, I ordered a Grilled Artichoke sub, and you know what?Wow.Grilled artichoke hearts, melted provolone, oregano, and parmesan mixed with mayo on a long bun. I had them add mushrooms. Given their presentation, I ate them as open-faced sandwiches. Fabulous.This picture is pretty blah. Doesn’t do it justice.For the record, I am not getting paid to offer my opinion. Although, come to think of it, I’d love it if Penn Station would follow up with something as a thank-you…you know, like, maybe some coupons for six free subs, one for each person in my family? No, wait…Seven. (That way I can sneak back for another on my own some afternoon.)I’ll report back if they follow through. Promise.In the meantime, if you have a Penn Station near you, I highly recommend the Grilled Artichoke.

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Photo by Ann Kroeker. Used with permission. “Pin” these images in a way that links back to this particular page, giving proper credit.


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  • Comments

    1. Your photo does look tempting. Where we live we don’t have a Penn Station, but our town has two SubWays. Probably not the same.

      • annkroeker says:

        My kids love Subway, too! I think if you are interested in that sandwich, you could easily make a homemade version of it with a jar of artichoke hearts. :)

    2. As an avowed lover of everything artichoke, this sandwich looks magnificent! Thanks for the lead, Ann. We don’t have Penn Station yet, but I’m sure they’ll be along. :)

      Oh, and I love the new button! (but I was short on time this morning so I used the old one…)

      • And the other thing: I love the simpler family outing that led you to this sandwich.

        And I love the honoring of your daughter by giving her recommendation by giving the place a try. That’s important family stuff, right there.

        • annkroeker says:

          Thank you, Sheila, for both of your notes! Thanks for your thoughts on the new button! I’ll pass along your compliments to my daughter–I have two who like to experiment with this kind of thing, and one of the girls has PhotoShop and is hoping to major in some kind of graphic design. But it was the other daughter who made this button, and she just does it for fun.

          Also, thank you for the mothering tip. The encouragement. My daughter’s ideas were acted upon all day–I hope she felt our love and affection (and appreciation)!

    3. I love those artichoke subs at Penn Station! I haven’t had one in YEARS and with a recent move, I don’t have one nearby. However, I do have a recipe for an “artichoke bread” of sorts and I thought I could doctor it up by adding mushrooms and have a copycat version! I’ll let you know how that turns out…

    4. There is one close to my house, I only had their fries (and I love them) but I will definitely try that artichoke sub!

    5. I’m not much for eating out, but I do love food. I reckon this is my first linking up deal with you, miss Ann. And I wonder if anyone has ever linked cows-n-cookies on the same post? Well, there’s a first time for ’bout everything, aye?


    6. Yum! Artichoke on a sandwich. Sounds divine. I’d like to try one sometime.

      Never heard of Penn Station–other than the real Penn Station on the East Coast. At first, I thought that was where you went! If one ever comes to Arizona, I’ll be sure to try it out.


    1. […] not sure why. Maybe it was the fond memory of my Penn Station sub, but for some reason I kept thinking about artichokes. Couldn’t get them out of my mind. […]

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