Food on Fridays: Flexible Fiesta Salad


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Food on Fridays with Ann

For a class party at our homeschool co-op, a boy named Daniel brought in a salad made of corn; diced red, yellow and orange peppers; and crunched up tortilla chips and Fritos. He invented it, adding a dressing made from mayonnaise and lime juice. I took a spoonful to try, and then went back for seconds. After the kids had gone through the line again, plenty of salad remained.I took thirds.Two days ago, I started thinking about that salad, craving it. I couldn’t remember if he added anything to the corn and peppers, so I began inventing variations in my head. For lunch, I threw something together, inspired by Daniel’s creation. This is what I came up with:Flexible Fiesta SaladInspired by my friend Daniel.

  • Black beans (about a can’s worth; rinse to minimize the liquid) (I cooked a bag of dry beans refrigerated extra to add to recipes like this)
  • Corn (twice as much as the beans)
  • Diced red pepper (maybe half of a large one)
  • Diced orange pepper (same)
  • Broken corn chips (we always save those crumbly bits at the bottom of tortilla chip bags for salad toppers and mix-ins)
  • salt & pepper
  • Tiny bit of taco seasoning or Hidden Valley “Fiesta Ranch” spice mix (start with just a little shake and add more to match your preference)
  • Big spoonful of mayonnaise
  • Lime juice

This would be good with a little green onion mixed in, if you like that kind of thing. You could add whatever color peppers you have. If you want it to be heavier on beans than corn, you can adjust the amounts. Just stir it all up and enjoy.


Photo by Ann Kroeker. All rights reserved.

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  • There's always more to come: subscribe to Ann Kroeker by e-mail
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    1. This salad looks wonderful – I’m so glad Daniel inspired you to make it! Thank you for sharing it, and for hosting. Have a lovely weekend :)

    2. We are enjoying the red and yellow bell peppers and finding them at good prices. They are wonderful in a salad such as this one, and also good for cooking adding to spaghetti and other dishes.

    3. Looks very inviting to me.I really would want to try it.Thanks for hosting and sharing..Im happy that youre still here cause Ive been out for some time and I came back and most of the linky parties that I used to join then were all gone.I brought my Delicious Cereal Prawn

    4. I love the way you asked us to encounter this dish. I can smell the lime juice and lick the frito dust as I toss them into the bowl. Wow…what a great simple recipe.

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