Food on Fridays: Surprise Sweet Potatoes


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Food on Fridays with Ann

In the spring, at planting time, I was coughing, weakened by bronchitis and asthma. Unmotivated, I had no vision for a garden, no energy, yet the Belgian Wonder proceeded to turn and till the soil, raking it level. He led me out to see it flat and prepped, ready for seedlings to be tucked in and take root.

It sat like that, waiting. For weeks.

I drove past the local nurseries now and then, and Lowes Garden Center, thinking I should pick up some plants. Then I’d drive on past, too tired to make decisions.

Finally, I felt a little better. Well into the growing season, I decided to buy some seedlings—no time for seeds.

Lowes offered a meager selection. I couldn’t even find a zucchini plant. I purchased a few scraggly tomato plants that had outgrown their biodegradable pots, one pumpkin, cucumbers and some peppers. Impulsively, I grabbed a flat of cheap sweet potato plants.

I’d never grown sweet potatoes, though I love to eat them.

I didn’t know how to plant them, and because I was still coughing, weak and unmotivated, I didn’t bother to research online. Instead, I just stuck them in the ground.

As summer warmed up, the sweet potato vines slithered through the jungle of weeds that I let engulf my measly garden. I wasn’t sure how long to wait before digging and discovering, so I just left them there. I kind of forgot about them. Late in the season, I picked the few tomatoes that appeared on my neglected tomato plants and plucked some green and yellow peppers that survived the drought.

The sweet potatoes seemed lost, so low to the ground as fox tails and thistles towered over them. I expected nothing.

Not long ago, I was pulling weeds and revealed the sweet potato vines, still green and vibrant. I started to tug, and they led me back to their beginnings, to the spots where I had stuck them in the earth.

One of my daughters was wandering around the yard sucking on a popsicle.

“Could you bring me a spade?”


She returned with the spade, and I slowly turned the soil over, starting at the end of the row. Nothing. Just soil. I dug again and turned…and…found…Potatoes.

Silently, all summer, they had been forming in the dark, underground, even when the vines above had little light or moisture.

I dug down again and again, learning the feel of the soil when it held a treasure.

As I unearthed them in clumps, I felt so humbled that they would have managed to produce when I had done so little.

Walking inside with my plastic Target bag loaded down, I felt rich.

Credits: Sweet potato photos by Ann Kroeker.

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  • Comments

    1. What a treasure you unearthed! Downright lavish, isn’t it?

      I have those God-times, sometimes, when I feel my faith is tired and weak–asthmatic, even–and He still doles out abundant blessings.

      Love this, Ann.

    2. Both my son and his wife enjoy new cooking ventures. Just last week they made some baked sweet-potato “fries” that were delicious. You have good treasure in that yield!

    3. Those beautiful potatoes were a reminder of the fresh opportunities awaiting us all. What a gift you’ve shared with us Ann. His Glory!

    4. Congratulations on your sweet potatoes! I love them, too.

    5. These sweet buds are rich in iron which should give your family some energy and strength during these winter months.
      They also make delicious pies, and nut breads if you tire of them baked or steamed. We often believe we do nothing and yet we reap a harvest. Even in our work for the Lord – – under the soil God is working when we do not see it.

    6. I absolutely love this story! It speaks to me on so many levels (including the level of loving sweet potatoes).

      I am currently “coughing, weak, and unmotivated,” on Cefzil and Prednisone. I need something to form where all is darkness and drought.

    7. Isn’t it wonderful, Ann, that in spite of our neglect God’s creations can still grow! It’s encouraging to know that I’m not the only soul that drags my feet around not getting things done on time. You have blessed me.
      And, it’s nice to be back here posting. Thank you for hosting:)


    8. Just look at those sweet potatoes! The are gorgeous. Isn’t it amazing, what the earth does when we aren’t looking? Can’t wait to see what yummies you make with them. You will share, won’t you?


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