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Food on Fridays with Ann

Two of my three teenage daughters are starting to drink coffee. The Belgian Wonder and I drink what we make at home, so the girls are on their own if they want to try a fancy coffee shop drink. I’m not shelling out $2 or $3 for that stuff.Always on the lookout for a deal, our eldest spotted a flyer that came in the mail with coupons for Dunkin’ Donuts. She clipped them, stuffed them in her wallet, and took note of the expiration date: August 31, 2011.August 31 was Wednesday, and that evening, after a soccer match, she gasped. “The coupons! Can I try to get the free coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts? It’s just around the corner and this is the last day!””Well, I guess,” I said, “but it might be closed this late in the day. It’s a doughnut place, after all. That’s kind of a morning thing.””I’m gonna try!”They were open.With the coupons, my daughter got a free iced tea and a free coffee, as well as a free doughnut with the purchase of a $1 latte.


Photos by Ann Kroeker.


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  • Comments

    1. I always get excited when something is Free or almost so. We purchased an 8 ounce package of Hills Cappachino Mix, take 1 scoop mix, 1/2 tsp instant coffee, 1 cup water or milk and put into your blender. My hubby adds some sugar but to your taste.
      Your girls might enjoy a home made drink just as good (or almost anyway) We pour ours into plastic glasses and put into the freezer for awhile until it gets mushey. We like it!

      • I love this idea, Hazel–in the car today, I mentioned it to two of the kids and suggested we should learn how to make some special drinks.

        They said we need to invest in a blender.

        It’s true. We don’t have one.

        Maybe my deal-hunting daughter can find a blender on sale or use a coupon to bring down the price? :)

    2. You’ve raised some smart, money-saving girls! And somehow the latte always tastes better when you’ve secured an over-the-top deal! They could start a blog on clipping coupons:)


      • Janis, I have to say, two of the girls are money-savers, but one is a spendthrift. If she has money, she can’t WAIT to spend it!

        But even the spendthrift admired the deal that the saver brought home! :)

    3. Thanks for hosting! This is my first time posting here. I shared a super yummy Chocolate Fudge Sauce recipe. Thanks again :)

    4. I love coffee. And coupons. Win win!

    5. I will write a blog soon about “Being bent out of shape.” I seldom get angry or “ticked off,” but my pet peeve is: I hate it when bloggers post their advertising instead of making a nice comment. I am not referring that they mention their recipe, but when they only comment about the many other places they are advertising I get bent out of shape. Thank you Ann for hosting the very best Food site out there.

      • I am honored that Food on Fridays is considered so highly by you, Hazel. I should probably have made clear in my post today that I wasn’t compensated in any way by Dunkin’ Donuts for writing that post. They sent the coupons to every resident, not just me as a blogger. I’m not famous enough to get many requests to advertise for companies! :)

    6. Lynn Hopper says:

      What happened to that nice little hand-held blender? You can have mine if you need one…

      • annkroeker says:

        I still have the hand-held immersion blender, but it doesn’t make smoothies very well. It does better with smooshy things than with frozen things (it’s terrible with ice and frozen fruit).

    7. I’m inspired to clip a couple coupons. I also buy the dinner books from the local football players and they never get used. I just opened one up and noticed they have a scan card to put on my key chain! Thanks for a great suggestion Ann.

      • Great! Enjoy a few little freebies through your dinner book–maybe you can have coffee with a friend or dinner out half-price with your husband! :)

        My girls had two more coupons and got two more free coffees at Dunkin’ Donuts, but I think they had to buy a breakfast sandwich to get one of them. So they pooled their loose change, split the sandwich and then each had a coffee.

        I’m going to flip through the Sunday coupons this evening to see if I can find any keepers!


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