There and Back Again: So Much Life

The world seems so full of life in summer, when leaves and lawn spread into a thick, full green. This is the peak, before rain forgets to fall and grass withers to a brittle brown.For now, redbud leafs outside my office window.Ferns sway lazily in a shady corner.Hydrangea’s giant snowballs bloom soft white against deep green.A rose shimmers, iridescent, in angled afternoon sun.A neighbor’s lily screams energy.And the children! Oh, the children in summer…bursting with life!Every day holds so much energy, so much beauty, so much life—all pointing me to God, the Father Almighty, the Maker of heaven and earth.


Darlene inspired me to grab my camera when she asked, “How did you see God today?” Read about it (and admire her photography) THERE (“Have You Seen God Today”), and then come back HERE again! Oh, and be sure to visit Charity, host of There & Back Again.

Each Thursday, consider going “There and Back Again” yourself. It’s simple.
All photos by Ann Kroeker.
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    1. It’s so hard to see God in my neighborhood right now, in the middle of this horrid drought. Everything is dead and dry. But I sensed him in the full moon this morning that lit my path.

      • annkroeker says:

        I thought of you, Megan, when I wrote this. How will I see God when the grass is crunchy and even later, when snow and ice covers the neighborhood with that suffocating cold that I struggle against (I hate to say it, but I think I deal with mild SAD–seasonal affective disorder–each winter).

        All the more reason to look for His grace and attention toward those that He love. Maybe it will be less about things that can be photographed? For example, I just read a passage in The Imitation of Christ that brought me to my knees. Literally when I turned the page, I saw (or heard from) God.

        May you see Him in the smile of a child, or in the bright vegetables you fix for dinner, or…maybe the moon again tonight.

        That was a beautiful thing to see and share with me here, the moon. Thank you.

    2. Ann,
      The variety you share here in these few photos gives us a glimpse of His endless creativity. Thank you!

      Oh, and kids in summer? Yes!!

      • annkroeker says:

        Thank you, Sheila, for joining me in “yes-ing” the exuberance of kids!

        My teens are little less explosive. I’m glad I still have one child in the single digits for another month. He’s a joy.

    3. Well, how do ya do? It’s fine day to find another liking your words & images. Thank you kindly, miss Ann, for mentioning me here.

      And that last image? Yeehaw! It’s my favorite! I have a kiddo in swim lessons this summer. Having grown up with a large lake, a sandy city beach, and wide, slow river, city pools are new to me, but my son shows me that water still splashes and cools the same. Their unabashed water joy is contagious, is it not?


      • annkroeker says:

        You inspire often–I only formalized it today!

        I was snapping, snapping, snapping with my long lens, and he burst out so fast and I had my lens drooping a little and cut of his head. Then I thought, “hey, I can still use it.” I was so happy when I got home and saw it on the screen.

        I would love to give my kiddos a sandy beach or a large lake. All we have here in our landlocked state is our neighborhood pool. There are a couple of reservoirs, but they are a bit of a drive. Oh, and there’s a creek that dries up in July at the nearby county park. :)

        Thanks for being you!

    4. I love how you saw God today. What a pool picture!

      • annkroeker says:

        Thanks, David! I didn’t realize how the camera caught all those water droplets until I got home and saw it on the computer screen. I love it. It’s truly a moment in time, in my son’s childhood. One instant that is gone as fast as the splash fades to ripples.

    5. Ann – I love what you saw, how you see, how you look at God and at others with love. Thank you for these today.

      I saw God today when I got back from lunch and my inbox was still empty. I needed that break. I saw God today when friends emailed and texted and called to say they love me. I saw God today when my puppy was jumping on me and I felt love swell instead of frustration.

      He’s all around, He’s just inside. He embodies His people, He shines through creation. He is the Word.

      Thanks for linking up!

      • annkroeker says:

        Oh, thank you for sharing your list, your attention to the details of love and care. I’m so glad you “felt love swell.”

        He shines through you, Charity!

    6. Like Megan, our world is shriveled up by drought right now, but in spite of the dry, “brownness” all around us there is miraculous life. I marvel at the live oaks, standing strong and the lantana full of blooms. They teach us it is possible to flourish even in the midst of drought.

    7. Again, beautiful words, and lovely photos, and such a handsome child!

    8. There is so much life around us. You captured that life beautifully, Ann. Especially enjoying the hydrangea bush and the screaming lily! Liked the water droplets, too.


    9. These are so lovely, Ann. I think I have SAD, too, but because our winters are so mild and lovely, I have SAD in the summer – when just walking outside causes me to melt. I do love the greens of summer, though – especially in this, our rainy season. One August I hosted a “Through the Window” photo challenge. Maybe I should do that again this year.

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