Food on Fridays: Maundy Thursday Matzo

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Food on Fridays with Ann

When I saw my friend Bill’s reflections on the Last Supper, I lingered on his stunning photograph, marveling at symbol within symbol.Seder, too, seems like an evening of symbol within symbol.The Maundy Thursday gathering we attended this year was somewhat simplified—for example the plate, as you can see in this photo, was missing the egg. We ate the parsley dipped in saltwater and the matzo dipped in horseradish, but we weren’t served the “charoset” symbolizing the mortar the Jewish people used while slaves in Egypt. I was a little disappointed, as I actually like that simple salad comprised of apples, nuts, wine and spices. But we got to pile a big blob of horseradish onto our matzo, which distracted me from the missing charoset.Our leader focused on the tradition that calls for placing three matzos into a bag that has three compartments inside—three-in-one? Sounds decidedly Trinitarian.The matzo, as our leader pointed out, is pricked with many holes; in fact, one might say it was pierced. When it bakes, parts of the matzo touch the baking sheet and are browned; one might say it has stripes.At one point in the Passover ceremony, the middle matzo is pulled out and broken in two. The larger of the two pieces is wrapped up in a white cloth and hidden away to be found later, by children sent out in search of it. After a child finds it, he or she brings it to the leader, who takes the matzo and in exchange, hands the child a small sum of money; redeeming it, one might say.This is my body, broken for you.Symbols within symbols.But that was Maundy Thursday.Today is Friday. Good Friday.Revisiting the original Passover story takes us back to the Passover lamb whose blood covered the doorposts of a Jewish home as protection from the final plague of Egypt: Death, which passed over those households covered by the blood of the lamb.On Good Friday we ponder the perfect sacrifice—Jesus’ body, broken for me; His blood shed for me, covering me, that death might pass me by.It is hard, but it is very good.May your Good Friday be rich with meaning.

Photos by Ann Kroeker
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    1. All this tradition is interesting to me, as I have never celebrated weeks and days prior to Easter. Maybe Good Friday, and even a Sun Rise Service, but nothing more other than Easter itself. There is much reflexion and pondering about Jesus and all He went through for us. I am thankful He was willing, and also thankful that He rose again on the third day and that he ever liveth. He’s Alive !!

    2. So wonderful to have the Bread of Life for our food on Easter Morning. Because He died and rose again, we have Life.

      Have a Blessed Easter.


    3. Thank you for hosting – have a blessed holiday!

    4. Another beautiful post, thank you Ann! And thank you, as always for hosting. Wishing you a blessed Easter weekend.

    5. This is so awesome. I got to attend my first passover meal this year and it was so special. I love the richness and layers of symbolism and purpose that underpin everything. Wonderful.

      Happy Easter to you and yours!

    6. I love your beautiful plate. I led our church through a Messianic Passover Seder on Thursday night, and we are doing it again tomorrow night with our family here in the Lee home. The meal is rich with symbolism — even without the egg. :)

      (But I would have missed the egg, too.)

    7. Very interesting! Hope you had a blessed Resurrection Day!


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