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Here at the Food on Fridays carnival, any post remotely related to food is welcome—though we love to try new dishes, your post doesn’t have to be a recipe.If you want, you could simply tell us if you’ve had asparagus yet—I’m told it’s the first vegetable to emerge in the spring. I had some already in my CSA box. Yum.My point is that we’re pretty relaxed over here, and posts like that are as welcome as menus and recipes.When your Food on Fridays contribution is ready, just grab the broccoli button (the big one above or smaller option at the bottom) to paste at the top of your post. It ties us together visually.

Food on Fridays with Ann

For years I’d considered signing up for a CSA or food co-op of some kind. I went back and forth on the idea, dragging my feet, afraid to commit.Then, at some point in the book club discussions over at—during the beet discussion, I think—I just did it. I signed up with Green Bean Delivery (available in Indiana and Ohio). The first-ever delivery was quite exciting, especially because I was anticipating a bag of beets. When we got the bin, the kids asked what each item was as I held it up to examine it.We’ve been in the system for a few weeks, and delivery day is still exciting. Once a week I just set on the porch their empty green plastic tub from the previous week. Later that day, the delivery guy shows up with a matching tub filled with my order.If the kids are home, they work with me to drag it into the kitchen and unpack the treasures within. Even though it’s not that different than coming home from the store with bags of groceries, something about the tub appearing on the front porch turns the mundane into mystery: what’s in the box?My son loves to help.

Voila! Fruits and vegetables!

Packed full: lettuce, oranges, strawberries on top

Hey, look: limes! And feta cheese!

Avocados and in the bags, mushrooms.

Full bowl

Green Bean tries to buy local whenever possible, though they offer produce from all over (obviously the oranges, kiwi and strawberries were from far away). And they offer organic, sustainable and conventionally grown produce—I can choose. I have until about two days before they bring the tub to change my order, swapping items in or out of the bin. The flexibility is nice. And I find that I kind of like sitting at my computer to make those decisions.The strangest thing about buying food this way is that instead of examining my own avocados to evaluate ripeness, for example, or filling a bag with apples that I’ve inspected, I have to trust Green Bean to choose top quality produce on my behalf.So far, they’ve chosen very well.


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  • Comments

    1. Thank you for hosting! Have a wonderful weekend!

    2. I’m so glad you wrote about this. It’s like Christmas every other Wednesday at my house when my delivery comes. It was good to “chat” the other day about the things you are planning for your produce! I finally linked back up.

    3. I typed a whole long comment but it seems to have disappeared when I pressed “post comment”! Oh well, perhaps I was too long winded! Anyway, I’m glad you are enjoying your CSA box – I get an organic box delivered once a week (we don’t have CSA here but it’s similar) and I always look forward to it.

      Thank you for hosting :)

    4. Years ago, when my sister and I shared an apt., we participated in one of these co-ops. I do remember it was always a crap shoot as far as what we’d get, but the food was fresh and basic. I’ve been trying to find something similar but couldn’t even remember what it was called! Your link led me right to a large 30-member farm that delivers to stops all over our city. I’m so excited about doing this again!

    5. Thanks for the courage, Ann. I’ve been wanting to sign up for a CSA program but have worried that we would have waste, as the menfolk here can be a bit choosy when it comes to foods that grow in the ground.

      I am going to renew my investgation.

    6. I so miss the CSA I used to participate in Waco through the World Hunger Relief Farm. I had to go pick it up, but I remember the excitement of trying totally new things. Somehow I can’t muster up that same curiosity at the grocery store, where I buy the same old same old in the produce department.

    7. I hear so much about these on various blogs. I don’t have one near enough to me to be practical but I do have a farmers market year round so I still get great produce at a great price. Still I think it would be fun to be surprised at what you are going to get so that it would encourage trying new things or old things you may have forgotten about.

    8. Ah, you are brave! I don’t know….the mystery of it all is so…mysterious. I keep thinking about that part in The Spirit of Food where someone wrote about only eating foods that are in season. That made an impression on me and – although I haven’t quite made the leap to CSA, I have been more intentional about thinking through my purchases in the produce aisle.

    9. Having a mystery box delivered would be fun and helpful too. We are too far out in the woods for a delivery, but there is a local gleaners who offer something like this. We also have a farmers market in town in the summer. It is great that your children are interested in helping you take goodies our of the box.

    10. Thank you for the link! I checked and it doesn’t cover our area of Ohio. :(


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