Food on Fridays: Laity Lodge Christmas Cookies

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Food on Fridays with Ann

My work takes me to a virtual office that I share with other members of team. There, we talk over everything from poetry projects, editorial schedules and photography selections, to book recommendations and cookies.In case you wonder, the cookie topic is not on our regular agenda. Not that I’m opposed to including it, but this time it simply unfolded in much the way a water cooler conversation slips comfortably from one subject to the next.It started when Deidra asked if anyone had the recipe for some cookies we were served after dinner one evening at Laity Lodge. I tossed out some recipes I found online that sounded similar and others chimed in with ideas.Before long, however, we were provided with the nearly foolproof recipe straight from the source. Yes, we have the actual Laity Lodge kitchen-tested/Deidra-craving version.You can have it, too. But instead of posting it here, I’m going to send you to visit my friend and colleague Cheryl Smith for the lowdown.Here, however, is a sneak preview.Behold, I bring you “Laity Lodge Christmas Cookies” (known during Ordinary Time as “Laity Lodge Graham Cracker Cookies”):

(Photo credit: Hannah Bush, Cheryl’s nearly 15-year-old daughter)

Their buttery, almond-y goodness cries out to be consumed. Just ask Deidra.And I’m pleased to share this just in time to make you the hero of this season’s cookie exchanges and pitch-in luncheons.Click HERE for recipe.


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  • Comments

    1. I really enjoyed visiting Cheryl’s blog – and thank you for sharing those wonderful cookies! Have a lovely weekend :)

    2. I am glad to find you blog and the link to the recipe. Those cookies look great, I have to go and get the recipe.

      Have a nice weekend!


    3. I hadn’t thought about the water cooler aspect of these cookies, but that, too, is part of the fun. Great perspective Ann!

    4. This all so makes me smile! :)

    5. This is so much fun! As they say…it’s the next best thing to being there!

    6. There are so many delicious and inspiring recipes today! I hope to be able to incorporate some into my holiday baking this year. I submitted my homemade Chai Latte recipe.

    7. They look wonderful. And what talent that young lady has who took the photos! I’ll hop over to Cheryl’s and check them out. Looks like you’ve got some other tasty recipes linked up here as well. It feels good to be back and maybe scratching out a few posts.
      Maybe I’ll add a recipe tomorrow, even though it’s not Friday!

      Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

    8. I cannot wait to start reading all of the recipes. Everything looks delicious!


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