Wherein Ann Discovers an Easy Advent Solution

As you know from yesterday’s post, I intended to drive over to Holy Family Bookstore. Unfortunately, it was closed by the time I got there.Family Christian Store, however, was still open.The Belgian Wonder and I stopped in and asked if they had Advent candles.The clerk pointed to a big display. “Yes, right over there where it says ‘Advent Celebration.'”Of course that’s where one would find Advent candles: Under the “Advent Celebration” sign.Back in November and early December at the start of the season, I’d been all over town looking for an “Advent Celebration” sign…and it was here (and at the Holy Family Catholic bookstore) all along!This was way too easy.If only I’d have thought of the most obvious solution for securing Advent replacement tapers back in November, I could have been in and out of the store within five minutes and sitting with family at home nibbling leftover pumpkin pie.Indeed, here we are well over halfway through Advent, and Family Christian Store still had plenty of candles.Purple candles, not blue.Three purples and a pink.Just like I wanted.In the comments of yesterday’s post, Prairie Chick exclaimed, “Doesn’t this girl have a Christian bookstore around???”I do have a Christian bookstore around.I just didn’t think of it until now.And so last night I not only discovered an easy solution for securing Advent replacement tapers—I also confirmed that I’m completely and utterly inane.

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    1. Totally laughing over here. Too funny! Glad you won’t have to experience THIS form of stress ever again :) and isn’t it wonderful when our tears of frustration turn to chuckles in hindsight? Ask me how I know!

    2. Not insane, Ann…just a busy working mom with too many plates to spin and balls to juggle. Love FCS!

    3. Oh, your solution is MY solution, as well. Before I used those big chunky candles, I too would look all over town for purple and pink – and may likely go back to the traditional colors next year. I’ve settled for so many other shades in my day – like burgundy and mauve. Now I know EXACTLY where to go.

      So, are you making a substitution this year?

    4. Caught your Pooh reference.

    5. Of all the words I would use to describe you, inane is definitely NOT in the list. Confident and competent, faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    6. I’m wondering if you might be planning to post on Advent or Christmas in the coming weeks. If so, maybe you’ll consider consider submitting to my Nativity Carnival (running weekly now through Epiphany)? Here’s the current post:


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