Food on Fridays: Potato-Zucchini Hash Browns

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Food on Fridays with Ann

I’ve already established how cooler temperatures awaken my potato cravings.Well, even though the Indian Summer has wrapped me in summer warmth and I should be tossing salads, I’m still craving potatoes.This time I grated them to make hash browns. I grated one whole potato and part of a sweet potato.I like that combination.Then I added some grated zucchini to the mix.I just tossed it in and smooshed it all around together to mix it.Some onion would be nice in this, diced up really small, but I can’t tolerate onions. My stomach gurgles and then the whole digestive process just goes downhill for a full 24 hours. So…no onions in this hash brown mixture. Just the potato, sweet potato and zucchini.Sprinkle some salt on top.I’m not good at frying it up.I add olive oil to the pan then spread out the mixture kind of thin.One side will brown okay, but the other side never turns out so great.It ends up kind of overdone. I won’t be hurt if you want to go ahead and say, “Ann, those hash browns are burnt!“Maybe they are, but I like them anyway. They’re crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.For breakfast or lunch, I cook an egg or two to have with it. And until the tomatoes are all gone, I cut one up to eat on the side.It’s simple and satisfying.


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  • Comments

    1. I love all of the veggies in your hashbrowns! This really speaks to me; I can’t wait to try it!

    2. Yum! I want some of that! Funny, I’ve never made hash browns by grating potatoes. I think that would make my life so much easier. Great way to use up zucchini too. Thanks for hosting! (I shared two posts this week – I hope that is okay).

    3. Hey Ann,
      We both featured dishes with potatoes in them. I like the idea of grated zucchini in the potatoes! Sounds delish! My recipe is an omelet, so your eggs are right in with the potatoes. Hope you like it.
      P.S. Like your comment last week about the Tarragon Chicken being good enough for maybe even–a fiance. Tooooo funny!

    4. Your hash browns look lovely (not burnt either – I like crunchy edges!). The combination of potato and sweet potato sounds fantastic, and I love how you added zucchini too. I’m definitely going to try these – quite probably with Sunday brunch! Thank you for hosting.

    5. Hi Ann!
      My son will love the crispy bits – looks delish – thank you for hosting this recipe party!
      < Concetta

    6. Hi, this is my first time linking up, I hope you like the recipe!

    7. I love hash browns – what a great recipe. I have everything on hand. I think I will make this for dinner tonight.

    8. Love the hash brown recipe! I left a great way to cook Thanksgiving Turkey – Super-slow Roasted Turkey. You might have to get up early to start a big one!

    9. I love hash browns, I usually just do potatoes and onions and the occasional red bell pepper! I love that you added the sweet potato and the zucchini! I’ll be adding these to our menu soon!

      Under the Big Oak Tree

    10. Mixing the sweet potato and zucchini is a great idea! I would want the onion too.
      And NO matter if it burns. My dad always said, burnt toast will give you curly hair so that must go for other burnt food as well! (smile)

    11. Beautiful hash browns, Ann! I love the photos of just the grated veggies. So appealing. I know this will be great. Can’t wait to try it! I linked up a No Roll, Never Faily, Press-In Pie Crust … just in time for the holidays! ;-) It can be made gluten free or gluten-full (as Alea says).

      Happy Friday!

    12. Ann,
      Your hash browns look really good to me. I’ve already got the potatoes, zuchinni, onions, sweet potatoes in the house, so and I’m read ready to try them. Thanks for an interesting recipe.

    13. My hash browns get dark as well, but I like them that way. Looks great!

    14. I want to try the veggie hash browns. I can almost taste them.


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