Food on Fridays: Unexpected Harvest

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Food on Fridays with Ann

The garden stayed lush and green all through October.As recently as a week ago, I sent my daughter out to harvest whatever seemed ripe, and she returned with a basket overflowing with green peppers and tomatoes.Then, just two days ago, when the forecast predicted the temperature would hit 32 degrees Fahrenheit that night, I sent her out again.”Pick any tomato that’s remotely pink,” I instructed, “and bring in all of the peppers.””Yes, sir!” she said, saluting me before heading out on the mission.She lifted branches and looked under leaves and came back with more.“It’s really the end this time, you know,” I said when she returned, “so you’re sure you brought in everything with the least bit of potential to ripen?””I sure did!””Okay, because it’s going to be gone tomorrow.””You thought that last time, though,” she replied, “and we ended up with all this!””I know. But this really is going to be the end. So thank you for picking them for me…for us.”The next morning, we looked out at the tomato plants.Overnight, everything shriveled.”It’s hard to believe it could change so dramatically in one night,” my daughter remarked.It’s true–just yesterday, when she went out for the last harvest, the plants looked verdant and robust. Now they are limp, brown, lifeless.The last signs of productivity are spread out on the counter to gaze upon…and dine upon.Because the plants kept growing and producing far later than expected, we ended up with far more than expected.In fact, my daughter actually picked more than what’s pictured—before I thought to snap a shot, we’d already eaten five or six peppers and bagged up numerous tomatoes to share with friends.So, this photo, this post—this close-up of the green peppers—officially marks the end of a very good growing season.


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  • Comments

    1. This made me smile. Enjoy your last bit of harvest bounty.

    2. Those are some seriously impressive peppers! Must be that Midwestern soil. :D

    3. That’s a nice haul you made there. What will you make with such yummy veggies?

    4. We just did a massive harvest as well. The first freeze always makes me sad, unless it is accompanied with snow. :)

    5. What a fantastic last harvest! Sadly my plants shrivelled up weeks ago, as we had a very early frost in England. Your photographs are beautiful – I really enjoyed your post!

    6. My, what beautiful tomatoes. I would be in hog heaven.

    7. I’m looking forward to that unexpected harvest from your retreat to the Canyon!

    8. You certainly listened to that still small voice on this final harvest. May we always be that sensitive to his whisper?

    9. The beauty of a bountiful harvest–such color and blessing in your kitchen. I’m enjoying it.


    10. We, too, did the pre-frost harvest: twenty pounds of green tomatoes. Grass green. Couldn’t waste ‘em, so we made and canned a ton of salsa with a recipe that calls for ripe tomatoes, but oh well. . .it turned out to be pretty good anyway.

    11. The end of the season is welcoming, yet sad. By that time I’m usually tired of dealing with tons of tomatoes and peppers, but the very next instant I’m disappointed there won’t be any more.

      My harvest went well into October this year and beyond. I still have things growing today – November 8. It’s going to be in the 60’s all week! Crazy. We did have one hard frost back in October that wiped out my peppers. Sad, cause the very next day it was warm again. Mad at myself for not getting them covered. Live and learn.

      You were smart to pick everything in sight before the frost came.

      Thanks for hosting Food on Fridays. I added a recipe for Italian Vegetarian Lasagna that we ate for Meatless Monday a few weeks ago, using up the last of our tomatoes and peppers.

      ♥ Rebecca Jean
      Midnight Maniac


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