Food on Fridays: No-Prep Breakfast

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Here at the Food on Fridays carnival, any post remotely related to food is welcome—though we love to try new dishes, your post doesn’t have to be a recipe. You can list all the green food sitting in your fridge right now, if you want. Anyway, my point is that posts like that are as welcome as menus and recipes.When your Food on Fridays contribution is ready, just grab the broccoli button (the big one above or smaller option at the bottom) to paste at the top of your post. It ties us together visually.Then plug your name and link into Linky Tools.

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  14. This linky list is now closed.

Food on Fridays with Ann

For a couple of days, I’m with some moms and daughters at a hotel for a conference. I didn’t make a good packing list and forgot my camera, so all I have on hand is the built-in camera in my laptop. Apologies for the image quality.”Let’s save some money,” I proposed, “and bring stuff for breakfast.””Great idea!” the moms all agreed. The teen girls helped shop, too.In one room, we have this:A nice selection of fruits to enjoy with a cup of tea. You can’t tell from my poor quality photo below, but another spread includes broccoli, cheese, lunch meat and raw milk.In the other room, a slightly different approach:Pop-tarts and Hostess donettes.So, from that healthy spread, we’ve enjoyed a midnight snack of broccoli…oddly satisfying.Tomorrow morning, depending on our selection, we may have enough protein to keep us going for hours…or, if we grab those donettes, we’ll be alert for the first 15 minutes, then crash.


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    1. Hi there, I’m joining up with your Food on Fridays for the first time. You have a great blog here, and I’m looking forward to more food ideas! Then again, there are definitely mornings when no-prep breakfast is not only preferred, but also necessary. Enjoy the donettes! :-)

    2. Have fun at the conference, Ann! I think I’d go with that first selection of food if I had to choose. Although I’d add in some apples, nuts, and/or nut butters. ;-)

      I linked up a new recipe that I’m sure I’ll make a lot in the future–zucchini toss … very flexible and tasty. :-)


    3. Maybe if you drink the raw milk after eating the pop tarts, you can counter that sugar crash? Have a great time at the conference.

    4. Have a good time at the conference and thank you for hosting Food on Fridays!

    5. If I drive I always bring some homemade healthy muffins, yogurt, fruit, nuts, and oatmeal for breakfast.

      If I fly, I stop at a grocery store on the way to the hotel and pick up the same. What ever I don’t use, I give to a homeless person before I leave town.

      Have fun at the conference!

    6. I always pack food with me as well. Bagels, cream cheese, cereal, fruit, etc.


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