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Food on Fridays Participants

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Food on Fridays with Ann

For Christmas, my son bought me a Vincent Van Gogh crock from Goodwill. I decided to store my all-time favorite tea in it—PG Tips.

I drink several cups of PG Tips each morning, so the crock sits next to the electric tea kettle alongside a vintage blue-green teapot (a Christmas gift from my mom) and the coincidentally matching sugar & creamer set (a Christmas gift from one of my daughters).

My tea station is an effective set-up for this bleary-eyed mom who stumbles around in the kitchen each morning, attempting, slowly, to wake up.

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    1. Hi Anne,

      Saw your tweet, thanks. So here I am! (Friday already?) I’ve linked to a post with a Tea Giveaway. I hope that’s OK. Thanks for hosting!


      e-Mom @ Chrysalis :~D

    2. e-Mom: (I posted a little early on Thursday evening, didn’t I?) A Tea Giveaway?? Of *course* that’s OK! I’m on my way over to check it out right….now!

    3. What would we do without tea? Comforting and refreshing at the same time. I think it’s one of the best drinks ever!! Thanks for hosting Food on Friday.

    4. I’m a big tea drinker too. I love how you have it all set up. Thanks for hosting!


    5. PG tea is my fave as well! Love the station!

    6. Oh Ann,thanx a ton -i needed that boost coz still getting used to my new cam and was a bit out coz didn get v good shoots of my pasta today :-)))

      And thanx for this lovely event in blogosphere…..

    7. What beautiful crockery u have here-i love and try different tea’s too….


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