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Here at the Food on Fridays carnival, any post remotely related to food is welcome. Recipes are enjoyed, but you can write about your hidden stash of chocolate (come on, I know it’s around there somewhere!) or snap photos of your kids’ mud pies.In other words, the Food on Fridays parameters are not at all narrow. I think of it as a virtual pitch-in where everyone brings something to share; even if the content of one item is unrelated to the rest, we sample it all anyway and have a great time.When your Food on Fridays contribution is ready, just grab the broccoli button (the big one above or the new smaller option at the bottom) to paste at the top of your post and join us through Mr. Linky.Here’s a Mr. Linky tutorial:

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Food on Fridays Participants

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  23. Christian Frugal Mama (Coffee Drink)
  24. Outward Expression (Healthy (er) Zucchini Bread)
  25. A Welcoming Heart (Orange Sweet Rolls)
  26. Sweet Willow Cottage (Chocolate-dipped Macaroons)

Food on Fridays with AnnMay I take you on a tour of Indiana State Fair junk food?The kids all wanted an elephant ear and funnel cake. The elephant ear was consumed long before I thought to photograph it, so I took a picture of the stand.elephantearstandLater the kids shared a funnel cake with the Belgian Wonder, and I did get a snapshot.funnelcakeI was too full to eat any funnel cake because I had just finished of one of my State Fair favorites: corn on the cob. Roasted on the grill, dipped in butter, coated with salt.cornoncobLater we stopped at the Dairy Barn for milkshakes and a cup of milk.dairybarnStands sold the usual deep-fried Twinkies and fried Pepsi, but the weird offering this year was the chocolate-covered bacon.Sorry to disappoint you, but we didn’t sample the stuff.pigsinmudMoosh in Indy has some nice State Fair food photos to accompany an article at Visit Indy with Kids.She also posted on her blog a photo she took last year of a farmer named Jim who looks like so many of the men I remember from my childhood. I grew up on a farm in a rural area of Indiana. My dad would take me to the local diner, and while I finished my beef manhatten, he would stop by a table and chat with farmers just like Jim.Well, Moosh in Indy returned to the fair this year and found Jim again. He raises “pastured poultry,” both chicken and turkeys, on “Promised Land Farm.” And since we’re today’s topic is food, keep in mind that it’s not too early to think about Thanksgiving turkey. Click over to appreciate the great photos of Jim, then phone him to place your order for a “Promised Land Turkey.“Though he may not be home at the moment. It seems that he’s sitting next to his ox, Jerry, at the Indiana State Fair.

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  • Comments

    1. Oh my what is fried Pepsi? That’s a new one. I can’t imagine what the chocolate bacon would be like even though I love both foods. Guess it would be the sweet/salty thing. Oh well, how interesting!

      Happy Twirls

    2. I love fair food too! We had our local fair a few weeks ago and I can still taste the funnel cake. It was SO good. Your pictures are great.

    3. Fried pepsi? That’s a new one. And the bacon…I can’t quite get my head around it. It makes me want to find a fair and sample it all!!!

    4. hoosierhomemade says:

      How fun! I didn’t know you were from Indiana. We haven’t been to the State Fair in many years, but always go to the County Fair.

      Thanks for hosting!


    5. You had me at “state fair food” although like others have said how do you fry Pepsi?

      I haven’t made it to the fair this year but we’ll always have fond memories of the fair, our first daughter was born pretty much right after a long day at the fair – contractions started on the ride home!

      My Mr. Linky post this Friday ties in to state fair food… in a round about way. I recently read about limes healing properties and how good it is for the skin – especially curing acne.. which goes hand in hand with fried food. :)

    6. I love this post…reminds me of the Ohio State Fair. We went every year – the food was so good! I have lived in Texas for almost 7 years and have never been to the Texas State Fair. It’s a huge deal around here but I just can’t do it – it feels too much like cheating. :)

    7. I didn’t eat any, but from what I’ve heard, it’s just part of the batter and they end up looking like dough-y blobs. This person wrote about them:

      “The deep-fried Pepsi was very disappointing, since it’s essentially balls of deep-fried Pepsi batter. The deep-fried cookie dough was much more delicious.”

      I’m sorry I didn’t even mention the deep-fried cookie dough! What was I thinking? What an oversight!

    8. Thanks for hosting again, Ann! My post this week on packing HEALTHY school lunches has been pretty popular, but if anyone around here hasn’t seen it, I’d like to enter it in Food on Fridays: Next week I’ll share tips to packing a “green” lunch and getting kids to be responsible for UNpacking it!

      :) Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

    9. Man, the fair only goes for two more days.

      I think I’m in mourning.

      Until next year…

    10. I LOVE fair food – so bad for you but soooo yummy!

      We had deep fried oreo cookies and chocolate bars and deep fried pickeles offered at our fair – we were not brave enough to sample.

      Thanks for hosting :)

    11. I didn’t get to a state fair this year. This food looks so yummy!

    12. I love your Indiana fair pics! I was just telling my husband last night how much I miss going to the Indiana state fair. Maybe when our girls are a little older we will make the drive back to Indy for the fair.

    13. chocolate-covered bacon?! interesting…

      I can’t WAIT for fair food–hubby is working Labor Day so he can take the following Monday off and we can go home for our county fair :) the highlights there are a sausage sandwich from the pork producers, a milkshake from the dairy producers, and then…donuts. yummy, wonderful donuts.

      joining in the carnival today–I made my first ever pie this week and it was FABULOUS if I do say so myself! :)

    14. I can’t seem to post a link to my blog. What am I doing wrong?

      Making Sun-Dried Tomatoes at Home:

      Take care,


    15. oops, nevermind… it’s there.

      sorry (tee-hee)

    16. Cream puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair. Don’t think about all the carbs you are eating with the bread alone, let alone all the whipped cream they put on! LOL!

      At the county fair, I like the little doughnuts (rolled in cinnamon/sugar!) or some cheesecake on a stick! Yummy.

    17. yep, I would have skipped the muddy pigs too. Your pics of the corn and funnel cake could go in a book….tasty.

      So nice to meet Jim….who wouldn’t love him :)

    18. We cover bacon with chocolate at our fair?? No wonder Indiana has one of the fattest populations in the country. That is just NASTY. I am, of course, okay with the Dairy Barn, corn on the cob and other Indiana summertime staples.

    19. I didn’t need to see that picture of the sweet corn, ya know. :)

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