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Food on Fridays with Ann

I was at a birthday party Thursday evening, so I didn’t have time to make chocolate-chip cookies before Food on Fridays had to go live.

But I’ll make them in the morning when I wake up, so come back to see the post updated with a photo.

Because ideally you should see for yourself if this trick will work for your family.

It’s a chocolate-chip cookie trick.

A family member explained it.

It revolutionized our cookies.


This is how you can enjoy rich butter flavor and avoid having the cookies flatten out.

Instead of the two sticks of butter that the Nestle recipe calls for, use 1 1/2 (one and one-half) sticks.

For the last 1/4 cup (represented by the missing half stick), substitute vegetable oil.

The cookies taste and look great. They rise just enough (and settle just right) without flattening out like a pancake.

Try it.

Report back.

And now, a series of photos chronicling this morning’s batch.


Instead of two full sticks…


One and one-half sticks. The other half can be saved for the next batch of chocolate-chip cookies, or use it to butter corn on the cob.


I use a small Pampered Chef ice cream scoop to form the balls. The lighting was weird for that photo.


Here they are on the stone, freshly baked. I may have left them in a minute too long, but they’ll be good. By the way, I substitute some whole wheat flour for some of the white flour.


Here’s an angle that shows the degree of puffiness the cookies maintain. They spread a little, but not too much.


Here’s a single cookie. I got a little carried away with the photos this morning. I suppose you’ve seen more than enough by now, but since I don’t seem to know when to call it quits, here’s one more…


As you can see, they handle well. I can easily slide them off the stone and onto the cooling rack without the cookies bending, breaking in half, falling to pieces or leaving a trail of crumbs. Once cool, these stack well on a plate or in a storage tin/tub to share with others.

Thus ends the slide show.

Now I shall try to eat something breakfast-y while the smell of chocolate-chip cookies wafts throughout the kitchen.

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  • Comments

    1. I just add 1/4 cup of flour to the recipe to get the same result – oh and I am known to drop the oven temp to 365…



    2. hoosierhomemade says:

      Not sure why, but I can’t get the Mr.Linky to come up. I’ll try back later.

      I have Zucchini Bread posted



    3. Ann you not only have a way with words, but a knack for finding simpler ways. Our family is always running out of butter. We have the chips on the counter and as soon as my slumbering teen awakes (ten fourty-five in Texas) we’ll report back. She is the baker @ our home.

    4. Your cookies look incredible – like they were made in a bakery. Great tip! I love when I find a little gem like that to make my food look and taste better. Thanks for hosting this week!

    5. Great looking cookies!!

    6. They remonstrated in unison,

      “Less butter, how could they still taste like a true chocolate chip”.

      The food critics weigh in…. Todd said, “delish”, Sabrina said “very good” yours truly “mouthwatering”.

    7. Thanks Ann. I sometimes add extra flour to make them not spread as much. But I am definitely going to try this tip.

      I am really beginning to believe that Chocolate Chip Cookies taste better the next day. Rarely do they last that long at my house, but this time since I made so many we are still eating them and it has been two days. There will be enough to have some tomorrow too. And they taste really good today. I do have them in a ziplock bag so they are not drying out.

      I would put them in the freezer, but I know I will steal from my freezer and even though frozen cookies are good, I want fresh ones!

      Again thanks for the hint(s) and thanks for hosting.


    8. I hope you have time this weekend to post over at Momtrends. Here is the link for Friday Feasts:

    9. Great tip! Thank you I will give it a try the next time I make cookies.

    10. yum, those look great. is there a trick to baking cookies on a stone? I’ve heard people swear by it–and yours look wonderful–but I haven’t been brave enough to start using my stone for cookies, because the time or two I’ve tried, it hasn’t worked well. do you preheat the stone like you do for baking bread? do you have to adjust the temperature or cooking time a certain way?

    11. Mmmm! Those cookies look mah-velous!

      And I have butter, and I just bought chocolate chips, and I have whole wheat flour – so I can even use that tip.

      But, uh, I have also just discovered that I gained four pounds sometime over the past several months (I really need to get on the scale more often so I can monitor this phenomenon!) so I don’t think baking cookies is what I should be doing today. Grrr.

      Well, maybe if I bake them and give most of them away?



    12. Yummy! Will have to keep that in mind, the next time we make chocolate chip cookies! By the way, the steel-cut oatmeal is in the crockpot, as we speak, to be turned on, at 11:30pm, when I go to bed. Yum!


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