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Here at the Food on Fridays carnival, any post remotely related to food is welcome. Recipes are enjoyed, but you can write about Food, Inc. or make a list of things we eat that may or may not be food (I wonder about Cheetos and the powder used to make boxed mac-n-cheese).In other words, the Food on Fridays parameters are not at all narrow. I think of it as a virtual pitch-in where everyone brings something to share; even if the content of one item is unrelated to the rest, we sample it all anyway and have a great time.When your Food on Fridays contribution is ready, just grab the broccoli button (the big one above or the new smaller option at the bottom) to paste at the top of your post and join us through Mr. Linky.UPDATE: Click on Mr. Linky and visit the links provided–lots of participants this time around, and I can’t get in and update this by hand. Enjoy!Here’s a Mr. Linky tutorial:

Write up a post, publish, then return here and click on Mr. Linky below. A screen will pop up where you can type in your blog name and paste in the url to your own Food on Fridays post (give us the exact link to your Food on Fridays page, not just the link to your blog).You can also visit other people’s posts by clicking on Mr. Linky and then clicking participants’ names–you should be taken straight to their posts.

Food on Fridays Participants

  1. At Home ‘n About (No Chef’s Hat Required)
  2. Heart ‘n Soul Cooking (Think Pink Drink)
  3. Prudent and Practical (Homemade Applesauce)
  4. Premeditated Leftovers (Nutty Broccoli Salad)
  5. My Country Haven (Cloud-Like Pancakes)
  6. Kitchen Stewardship (Healthy Fruit Pizza)
  7. Newlyweds! (Milan Cookies)
  8. Feels Like Home (Cool Cucumber Salsa)
  9. Hoosier Homemade (Chocolate Zucchini Cake)
  10. Unfinished Mom (Turkish Hats — Cookies)
  11. Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures (Fun and Frugal Dessert for Kids)
  12. Trish Southard (Sashimi “No Cooking Allowed”)
  13. Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free (Finding Balance with Food)
  14. My Practically Perfect Life (Campfire — 3 Ways to Cook Strata)
  15. Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker (Tomato Herb Pasta)
  16. Mom Trends (White Sangria)
  17. Cook with Sara (Fruit Crisp)
  18. Passionate Homemaking … Becoming P31 (Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies)
  19. Girls to Grow (Diane’s Pasta Salad)
  20. Outward Expression (Easy Apricot Jam)
  21. Hopeannfaith (Healthiest Teas)
  22. Foodophiles (Thai Peanut Noodles)

Food on Fridays with AnnBecause I launched a blog carnival with a food theme, you might have assumed that I love all things related to the kitchen. Oddly, I do not.What happened was that I reflected on many of my blog posts and realized that I frequently wrote about agriculture and grocery stores; shared simple and easy recipes that even a culinary klutz like I could pull off; and raved about specific items such as Nutella or crepes.One day I realized that these posts could all loosely be grouped under the umbrella of “food” and decided to save those kinds of posts for Fridays in order to capitalize on alliteration.And voila! Food on Fridays was born.And that explains why Ann Kroeker, who is neither chef nor foodie, hosts a food carnival.And that also might help you understand why someone who hosts a food carnival is thrilled about not cooking for about a week.I mentioned already in an earlier post that we are at Family Camp this week. We started coming here several years ago when I was looking for a beautiful place to camp where I wouldn’t have to cook. This fit the bill.The property is on Lake Huron.And I don’t have to cook.But the week is over and we’re leaving. My days of not cooking have just about come to an end.I never got a good food photo, though. So I’ll just leave you with a moment on the lake. Instead of cooking, I was on a kayak with the Belgian Wonder, startling waterfowl.canadageese

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  • Comments

    1. How fun – I grew up on Lake Huron and am heading there later today for 10 days! Are you a Michigander? Thanks for hosting the carnival, Ann! –Katie

    2. hoosierhomemade says:

      That looks like a great place! Thanks for hosting!


    3. I guffawed hard when I read your kitchen klutz remark. We are @ my sister’s in Illinois, and a Blue Heron flew up by us while fishing and I shreiked. I told the kids I thought it was a terradactyl (it was positively ominous).

      Thanks for sharing your life with us all, The Fishing Klutz

    4. I love your not-a-food-picture. For a moment, I could hear the water gently part as my kayack moved through the water and could her the birds’ wings flapping. Total peace.

      Now I’m back in front of my laptop, grateful you had a week of not cooking…and even more grateful that I have been cooking. (I love it….)

      Thanks for hosting.

    5. what a wonderful post for summer.

    6. Your post is too funny – I love to bake and cook, but some days I have would be happy not even to walk into my kitchen! I typically enjoy baking over cooking, but if I baked and ate everything I thought of, my hips and butt would not thank me for it!

      Love the picture – it looks similar to the view from my parents dinning room who live on a lake here in Alberta.

      Have a great weekend :)

    7. So nice that you could spend time with your wonderful husband and not have to even think about cooking! Sorry your week is over so fast, I would want it to last forever!

      Have a wonderful weekend.


    8. I feel your joy, and after makeing jam for three days, I hope you can feel my envy :)

    9. Do you write the part about the cheese in Cheetos every Food Friday, and I’ve missed it? Regardless, it really IS cheese – my aunt used to work at Land ‘O Lakes (MN dairy company; I think they’re national?) and she was in the dry cheese dept, supplying for things like Cheetos! :)


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