"Name That Boy" Book Giveaway Contest

You’ve seen the cute boy on the book cover loaded down with activities, right?If not, here he is:


People frequently ask me if that boy is “The Boy”; that is, my son.I’d like to clear things up here and now:Nope. He’s not my son. He’s not “The Boy.”The Not So Fast boy is, however, going to be a big part of my life. He’ll travel with me to various speaking events. He’ll grace the blog and might be projected onto screens during PowerPoint presentations. His face will be associated with my name for some time.I feel that I should get to know the little guy. We need to bond.So I decided to name him.Here’s where you come in!Enter the “Name That Boy!” contest: Win a copy of Not So Fast!UPDATED: Time’s up for entering the contest. The winner of the random drawing will be announced soon!Yes, that’s right … Help name the Not So Fast boy and win a book (maybe two!).Two ways to win:

  1. Suggest a name in the comments to be entered in a drawing—you can suggest more than one name in your comment, but one person is one entry whether you suggest one name for the boy or five (multiple comments by the same person will be considered one). Submit your suggested name until 9:00 Monday morning, August 3.Winner #1 will be selected randomly from those who submitted names.
  2. Another way to win a copy of Not So Fast:  I’ll narrow down name suggestions and set up a vote. Vote for the name you think best fits the Not So Fast boy. The person who contributed the winning name will also receive a book!

That’s it.Now, take a long look at the boy.What do you think? What should we name him?

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  • Comments

    1. Bruce Brady.

      Philip English.

      Art(hur) Martin.

      Mark Mason.

    2. Stevie




      Gilbert or Gil for short

    3. I’ll give you my two boy names since I had girls:

      Calvin, and Harrison.

      I think either one fits him well. :D

    4. annealeckson says:



      Great idea to name him.

    5. How about Stephen? Or Matthew?

    6. I like Peyton…like the football player

      Or Jasper. He just looks like a Jasper.

    7. Noah, Luke, Matthew, John, Joshua, Samuel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, David… you see where I am going with this. I can’ t narrow it down either! LOL.

    8. Kevin…….a very uncomplicated name…as you can see from the pic, he already has too much put on him!

    9. Ryann. Orville. Donovan. Hunter.

    10. Ethan – one of the trendiest names for a boy right now and I think you want a name lots of moms can connect with.

    11. Looks like a Parker to me. Don’t ask me why. That name has never occurred to me before, but that’s what he looks like.

    12. I like Walter or Edward.

    13. shepherdsgrace says:

      okay….Maximillian Machivelli or Harry D. Childe, hahahah, get it, harried child…

    14. Here are my suggestions:










      Yep, the names of the kids in the family (mine + their cousins)

    15. Walter is my first choice too. Orville is my second.


    16. A name says a lot about a person and i think if you want to pick a name you must look at his eyes. To me he is either an Emerson or a Maxwell.

    17. I know his name. This little boy lived down the street from me.

      His name is: Chauncy William Robert Salmon, III. His nickname is “Bone-Crusher.”

    18. You know this is a very hard request! We all have names for this overwhelmed boy, because we all experience the heaviness of over-activity in our lives.

      I love Shepherds Grace’s suggestion of Harry D. Childe, harried child… That is so clever.

      I came up with:

      Jeffrey O. Verload – Free Jeffrey, Free Jeffrey, Free Jeffrey!!!

      Skyler S. Full- (mom said the sky’s the limit to what I can do)

      Justin Cage (Stop the insanity, just put me in a cage!)

      Thanks for inviting us to help you.


    19. I think I will go with Jake Cooper- or just Jake or just Cooper.


    20. My first thought was Tucker (he looks like a Tucker?) and then I thought…yes, because he’s plumb tuckered out with all those activities! :)

    21. Oh. I have no ideas. But I laughed at “Tucker.” It’s fun and short and has a dual-meaning.

    22. His name is Chase. His parents are chasing their dreams instead of allowing him the space to chase and capture his own.

    23. He strikes me(and some other commenters, apparently) as a Thomas.

    24. He looks like a Marc Allan to me…

      His parents are trendy and keep up with the Jones’ type. He would have a big name. A name that is just a little too heavy for a kid, like all that he is holding and the size of his jersey, just a little too heavy.


      • My dad’s name is Mark Alan, and he is definitely not a keeping-up-with-the-Joneses type, haha – he’s a 6’6″ cowboy who will not eat at restaurants without his cowboy hat, even though he just has to take it off and set it in its own seat the whole time. :) Thought it was fun that you came up with my dad’s name (except for the spelling!).

    25. He looks like a Henry to me…

    26. Cindy S. says:


    27. Cindy S. says:


    28. Cindy S. says:


    29. Cindy S. says:


    30. Cindy S. says:


    31. Cindy S. says:


    32. Cindy S. says:


    33. Stephanie says:

      I would say Charles or Luke

    34. mrsduenes06 says:

      Elliot Jacob (First and Middle Name)


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