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Food on Fridays with Ann



In the distance, corn.

We see a lot of these two crops as we drive out of the subdivision.

Corn and soybeans.

Soybeans and corn.


When people move here from other parts of the country, they are surprised to see how close farms are to the bustling suburban setting. To me, it feels normal.

That’s because I grew up on a small farm. From age eight to 18, I was surrounded by farm fields. When I stepped out the back door, I saw the view you see in the photo just above: a corn or soybean field stretching out behind the unused hen house. I took this photo the other day. As you can see, this years it’s corn.


More corn grows beyond the fence—a different view of the same field.


Across the street from the house I grew up in, someone is growing soybeans.

Corn and soybeans.

Soybeans and corn.

Did anyone grow something different?

Our neighbors down the road did.

I spent a lot of time at their house. They always had a large garden with lots of produce. Everyone in their large family pitched in to help with harvesting and canning. One time I was invited to help with their potatoes. A few years later, I wrote a poem about it.

I’ll leave you with that poem today, because it’s about food. Kind of.


My father asks me why I’m so dirty.
I say it’s because I played in the field with Becky.
I won’t tell him I worked from two until suppertime
helping pick potatoes with the Hammons in their field.

I won’t tell him how warm and rich the earth was
when Mr. Hammons plowed through, leaving dry ripples
for us to dig our hands in to fish for potatoes.
Or how we picked up six-inch worms and threw them at each other,
while tossing potatoes into ratty bushel baskets.

I like going home with limp hair,
stringy from the summer wind,
and a film of dust on my arms and legs.
When my mom asks me to wash the dishes,
I’ll say I’m too tired.

© 1992 Ann Kroeker

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  • Comments

    1. I love to see farms…..big or small. I live in Phoenix and while it once was considered an agricultural area (particularly winter crops) the last few years the city’s growth has pushed everything farther and farther out! Even the majority of the beautiful orange groves have been taken out. I miss them! It was lovely seeing your photos…..and your lovely poem too. Looks like your writing talent showed up even as a youngster. Be blessed!

    2. Enjoyed the pics of the corn and soybeans. Haven’t seen that for oh…about two years. :) But don’t forget wheat!

    3. hoosierhomemade says:

      Here in NW Indiana, we see lots of fields. I enjoy seeing them too.

      Thanks for hosting!


    4. shepherdsgrace says:

      accidentally put myself on mr. linky twice thinking I was editing my name…hahahah…

      need any roma?

    5. It looks like you live in Ohio – which is where I’m originally from. It’s so beautiful – not like Texas. Texas is gorgeous in it’s own way, but not lush, green and full like my home state.

      My dad owned a farm in southern Ohio – he didn’t farm it himself but we spent weekends there, hiking the gently sloping hills and walking through the creeks. Bonfires at night, burnt marshmallows, stories, and lots of love…it doesn’t get much better than that.

    6. One day I hope I make the link list! I wanted to let your know the linky is up. I shared a yummy baked flounder recipe and hope you will stop by!

    7. Here in Utah I live near some wonderful farms. There is lots of hay grown. We also live among some LDS Church farms. We know the Farmers and I love talking to them about their crops. I grew up with space around our house, but not farms.

      I love living here with farms. The church farms rotate between corn and wheat and hay. I just love it!!! I love being in farmland, but still near enough to the grocery store.

      Thanks for sharing Ann, I really loved your poem. I could ‘feel’ you in it. What a wonderful childhood you were blessed with.

      Have a wonderful weekend.


    8. shepherdsgrace says:

      I loved your poem as well, but neglected to say it earlier…wonderful!

      our yard only looks tidy because this is our city lot, which means, no trees yet…

    9. The pictures are beautiful. Loved the poem as well!

    10. That’s what I’m talking about!

    11. Hi Ann,

      I too grew up on a farm and have many fond memories. We always had a large garden and I loved the days my mother cooked ‘garden’ dinner, especially fried corn.

      Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend!


      Nashville, TN

    12. Ann, I stop by your blog occasionally, and I appreciate your approach to life. I’m wondering where you grew up. I grew up in central Illinois (not on a farm), but I can totally relate to the fields coming right up to suburbia. The first time I brought my now-husband there, he said, “What’s with all the corn?”


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