To Be Known

Yesterday I stopped by a dear friend’s house on the next street over to return something, and we started to chat. She slipped inside for a minute and came back out with a glass of iced tea and a glass of lemonade.”This is for you,” she said, handing me the lemonade and keeping the tea for herself.Now, her lemonade is great, but I love, love, love her sweet tea. I haven’t sampled widely, I think she makes the best sweet tea in all of Indiana. In fact, hers might even hold its own in Tennessee or Alabama.  She knows how nuts I am about her tea, so why was she handing me the lemonade?As she held it out, she said, “This is for you, because I know you can’t have caffeine this late in the afternoon.”I glanced at my watch. It was after 5:00 p.m. She was right! She knew me better than I knew myself in that moment, remembering that I told her how caffeine affects me. If I drink tea after 1:30 or 2:00 p.m., I’m wide awake until way after 1:30 or 2:00 a.m.I felt known.And to realize I was known, I also felt loved.

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    1. Yesterday, The Creative Mama had a post about the details of friendship. She talked about how hard it is these days to really get to know someone – even a “close” friend because of our crazy busy lifestyles. It made me think. Do I know my close friend’s favorite color or food or drink? Now that I read your post, I think God is trying to show me another area of life put some time into instead of being so “busy”.

    2. I LOVE this darlin’! And it’s a pure treasure to know someone well enough that she would be so kind. Really. Truth being, that would NEVER happen in the South though. Southerners are too concerned with their image and that would come across as being presumptuous, which of course, would be “bad manners”. That is why I am not a Southerner. I would LOVE a friend who loved me enough to not let me toss and turn all night. So sweet. Thanks for the story! Hang on to that woman!

    3. What a sweet friend. That reminds me to mix up a pitcher of something this afternoon, so I am ready for that kind of impromptu hospitality, too.

    4. Glad to have found your blog, Ann. What a neat story too, and what a blessed friend. Have a great Wednesday!

    5. Wonderful! You are blessed by having true friends.

    6. Isn’t that great?!! Friends are s cool.

    7. I LOVE THIS!! Love it….

    8. It’s always wonderful to have a friend who does know you and watches out for you. Everyone knows what it’s like to toss and turn at night, and how great it is to know that your friend cares enough to not even tempt you!

    9. Hi Ann

      What a wonderful friend! I am pleased that she told you why you didn’t get one of her wonderful sweet teas though! Imagine if she hadn’t “O) Chuckle! How different the story might have been “O)

    10. Ann, you really put words to longings to each of us: to be known by Him, but also by others in our life. Love this.

    11. Wow, Ann…that just gives you that warm-fuzzy, just-been-hugged feeling all over! Makes me thankful for friends who “know” me, and makes me think about how thoughtful I am (and am not) in return.

    12. What a blessing that encounter was for you! Thanks for sharing! It makes me want to be a better friend :)

    13. Catching up on your posts. This is an encouraging story. I bet it was a bit humbling, too, when she squashed your envy of her tea!


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