Food on Fridays: Mother's Day Quiche

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Food on Fridays with AnnThe Belgian Wonder and kids have come up with a simple menu for Mother’s Day that they can handle preparing on their own, freeing me to sit on the couch and eat bonbons with my mom and sister-in-law.However, as I thought about foods that I love, quiche popped into my head.Quiche is not on the menu.Next thing I knew, I craved it (quichequichequichequichequichequiche). But the kids don’t know how to make it. Neither does the Belgian Wonder.But I do.So I’m going to just do it. I’m making myself Mother’s Day quiche.I’m thinking about a spinach and cheese quiche.Or maybe Quiche Lorraine?If I keep the filling as simple as cheese only, though, maybe the kids will try it.On the other hand, I might want it all to myself; if so, I should probably make shrimp quiche.Any favorite quiche recipes out there? I’m obviously undecided and would welcome input.What’s on your Mother’s Day menu? Are you making yourself quiche? Or are you enjoying a swanky champagne brunch that culminates with a chocolate fountain flowing beside mountains of fresh strawberries? 

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  • Comments

    1. I’m hosting a baby shower brunch on Saturday followed by my daughter’s birthday cookout, so…I’m sure hoping that there are leftovers for Mother’s Day morning, because we will all be too tired to cook!

    2. I love quiche too. I’ve never had a filling I didn’t like. Spinach and cheese would be my vote.

      You could make it ahead of time on Saturday and just have it in the fridge. Then your hubby and kids could put it in the oven Sunday morning for you.

    3. There’s a crustless quiche over at allrecipes that sounds good…

    4. Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants. You turned me onto those on your blog, and they are one of my favorite things on this earth!!!

      (And now that I think about it, I’ve got steel cut oats in my crockpot this morning…also thanks to you!)

    5. Frugal Fridays are now hosted at Crystal at Biblical Womandhood has decided to scale back her blogging for this season in her life (she just had her third baby this week – her first son!)

    6. My Mother told us long ago that she didn’t want to “do” Mother’s Day. She’d rather work in her garden. So usually we went with her to the market to buy flowers. This year however, we will all be together on Mother’s Day, for the first time in years and years. We’ll be in Ireland. So I’m sure that my sisters and I will at least mention Mother’s Day when we’re all having breakfast together somewhere.

      Enjoy your Quiche!!

    7. hoosierhomemade says:

      Great recipe! Thanks for sharing the links too! And thanks for hosting!


    8. Quiche sound so good to me. I don’t know what I am having for Mother’s Day. Luckily, my husband likes to cook. So, I am going to let him do the meals. Last night I was thinking that Fajitas sounded yummy for dinner. But, there a few days between now and then and I might just change my mind. Last year, all he kids + dad got in the kitchen and made cookies. I loved listening to them more than I enjoy the cookies.

    9. Amy: Happy hosting this weekend–hope the shower goes well, and an early Happy Mother’s Day to you!

      Kate: I’m taking your advice. Spinach and cheese made early and reheated Sunday. Thanks!

      SMM: I looked at that recipe–it is just basically a frittata when it’s made like that?

      Llama Momma: Girl, I can’t thank you enough for the reminder! I sent the Belgian Wonder off the Trader Joe’s today, and he grabbed two boxes of the croissants. I’m going to be one happy mama!

      Quinn: Thanks for the heads up–I updated the link.

      Kristin: Ireland! Wonderful! Safe travels!

      Hoosier Homemade: Glad you stopped by!

      Jane Anne: Wish the Belgian Wonder liked to cook. But he likes to do lots of other useful things, so I can’t complain. Fajitas do sound yummy–hope you have a great day!

    10. shepherdsgrace says:

      Hi Ann, I got it in late, so don’t worry about it at t’all!!!



    11. ktoone says:

      Just tonight, I found an old link I’d saved last Mother’s Day to your 7 Keys to a Happier Day. Very, very timely. Thanks so much for your beautiful, honest thoughts.

      Oooo, this is an amazing quiche! Hope you get a chance to make it!!

    12. I’m late, but here’s a great quiche recipe (not that there are any bad ones) – my husband isn’t the lover-of-quiche that I am, and he liked it alot too. It’s from Paula Deen; I realized the first time I made it that there are enough ingredients for 2. Paula must have a crazy-big quiche pan!


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