January 2009 MMM Monday Progress Report #4

mmm This is it: The last Progress Report before the Final Celebration on this coming Saturday, January 31st!Before I get too far, here’s Mr. Linky for this week’s reports. Type in your name and link to your post so people can visit and see your progress.

Progress Report #4 Participants

  1. Laura at Laura’s Imperfect Blog
  2. Amy at Lavender *Sparkles*
  3. Jennifer at PeaceLedge
  4. Pauline at Him in the Everyday
  5. Amy’s bonus post at Lavender *Sparkles* (reasons to memorize)
  6. Joy at Bucket of Joy
  7. Andrea at hopeannfaith

Final Celebration ReminderOkay, so here’s the thing–this is the last checkpoint before the Final Celebration.On January 31st, I will put up a Final Celebration post, where all participants are encouraged to create something that illustrates their Mega Memory Month project.You can:

  • Record a video
  • Create an audio recording
  • Type it out
  • Design something visual with scrapbook art
  • Illustrate your passage with photos, like a PowerPoint presentation

It’s up to you how involved and creative you want to be. It’s a chance to learn a new technology (I learned to upload YouTube videos and others learned to record and link to audio files), or just have some fun with a calligraphy set.So as you finish up your last few days of memorization, be thinking about how to celebrate on your blog. Don’t be intimidated–just have fun! Be yourself and reflect your personality, just like you always do on your blog.Mega Memory Month Giveaway!The lovely folks at Scripture Stickies have provided a great giveaway to accompany the MMM Final Celebration. Scripture Stickies are packs of printed Scripture passages grouped by theme that you can use to stick in strategic places–the bathroom mirror, the kitchen door, the car dashboard–in order to review frequently.If you win, I’ll mail you a pack to try out. You can use them yourself for the next Mega Memory Month project, or give them as a gift to someone who wants an easy way to kickstart their own attempts at Scripture memory.For a chance at winning, stop by on January 31st and leave a friendly comment!P.S. My Apologies for Technical GlitchBoy was I aggravated when I realized that somehow in the process of “freshening up” my blog, the main Mega Memory Month post lost all the links.All of you precious participants–I apologize for that! I put links to your blogs back in. If your link doesn’t work, please let me know and provide me with the right one.Ann’s ProgressWell, I love the Frost poem. During church, through big windows on the side of the sanctuary, we could all see enormous downy snowflakes the size of quarters drifting from the sky–it was like worshiping in a snow globe. One of the pastors quoted from Isaiah 1:18“Come now, let us reason together,”       says the LORD.       “Though your sins are like scarlet,       they shall be as white as snow.”I hoped the flakes would continue so that we could swing by the park. I wanted to watch the snow piling up in the woods, Frost-like. But by the time church let out, the flakes were no longer the size of quarters; they were tiny flecks. And by the time we got near the park, it wasn’t snowing at all.With or without the inspiration of snow, I can recite “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost.And I continue to piece together John 14. I hope to have it all flowing smoothly by Saturday–still have some hiccups.I was inspired by the link Amy (Lavender *Sparkles*) provided–it took me to a video of a guy who recites long passages in a somewhat theatrical style, like a dramatic reading, only entirely from memory.Years ago I directed drama sketches. Maybe I need to “direct” myself, to finish it off? This will be my experiment during the final few days of memory work.What about you? Report on your progress–bring us up to date!

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    1. Hi Ann,

      This week I didn’t make much progress, but at least I didn’t slip backwards! I’ve visited Mr. Linky, and later in the day I’ll head back to tour the other MMM participants’ posts.

      Here’s the link to my post, not the blog in general:


      Be back soon,


    2. my first post is up. I’ll have another later–was going to combine them, but this one got way too long just by itself!


    3. just wanted to pop in and say #2 is up – it’s an inspiring list (not from me, from a sermon I heard!) of eight reasons to memorize Scripture:


    4. I didn’t get to post about MMM today, but I did want to stop by and see how everyone is doing. Ann, thank you so much for this awesome challenge, I love having this a part of my life. I am a ways off of finishing, but feel completly happy with what I have accoplished and what will continue to be a cherished habit.

    5. You all inspire and encourage with your updates! I’m honored to be memorizing alongside you.

    6. Never having used Mr. Linky before, I think I made a duplicate entry. The second attempt has the direct link to my update for Week 4 which is:


    7. Here is the 2nd MMM Update link…it is my final update. Again, Mr. Linky and I are only acquaintences at this time and our relationship is tenuous, therefore I will leave the link here.

      I don’t blame Mr. Linky, rather I have techno issues…always learning.


      And, Thank you.


    8. Might help if I actually posted the link. Told Ya! ;) I’m techno challenged! LOL!



    1. […] in the comments (Sorry, but Mr. Linky prefers only one post per day, and I already dedicated it to MMM). I’ll update this post by hand with names and links […]

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