WFMW: Feeling Nifty being Thrifty

Well, there’s nothing like a national financial crisis to inspire people to greater frugality.These days I prefer using the happier term, thriftiness. For years, I’ve thought of myself as “cheap.” I love that I can now refer to myself as “thrifty.” It’s trendy, these days, to be thrifty. Plus, who can resist using a word that rhymes with “nifty”?Well, speaking of nifty, my kids are trying hard to make-do when they see nifty stuff in stores that they want to buy. I encourage them to see if they can come up with a creative alternative first.One of my daughters wanted a purple iPod case.Next thing I know, she showed me this:The color isn’t very true, but it’s purple all right. Made from an old soccer sock. She learned how to make pom-poms earlier this year and whipped one together to add a fun, coordinating touch.I showed her some Etsy products that were priced in the teens that didn’t look much more nifty than her invention, and she was pleased.So while I certainly don’t want to make light of our nation’s financial nightmare, I will say that our family is responding with more creativity and contentment than I thought possible.We’re all feeling kind of nifty being thrifty.For more clever, creative and thrifty ideas, visit Rocks In My Dryer.

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  • Comments

    1. Great idea and way to use those old socks (C:

      We found a site that has super deals on cases. My daughter has gotten a few things very inexpensive through their sales.

    2. your blog is very nice I hope you good luck

      I really admired all your writings

      can you accept my invitation and write in my online magazine ????

    3. Your daughter should be very proud of her case! I bet her friends will be asking her to make them one too :)

      I’m so glad you stopped by LMLD yesterday! I think the thrifty aesthetic is the best, don’t you? You’re daughter is learning well…

    4. shepherdsgrace says:

      She did a great job! It is nifty to be thrifty…I call it going for the “chipper chicken” from Father of the Bride…

      it is my husband and I’s motto most of the time…we will take the chipper chicken please…yes, let us buy the chipper chicken….

      smile, at least we agree we like the taste of the chipper chicken

    5. Responding with creativity… yes, that’s the up side.

    6. I love it! She did a great job. And how exciting to see what she comes up with next… she might have her own Etsy items to sell soon. =0)

    7. Creativity and contentment…I love those words.

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