Announcing Mega Memory Month

Did you know that October is Mega Memory Month?Well, maybe not everywhere. But it is Mega Memory Month here at my blog.In fact, this is Mega Memory Month Headquarters.And you’re invited to join me in this month-long memorization extravaganza. I wanted to tell you enough in advance so you can have a few days to pray, plan and prepare.Here’s how to participate:

  1. Pick something you’d like to memorize. Something long. Something formidable. Something Mega. (Mega to you may not be mega to me–simply challenge yourself relative to what you’ve tackled in the past.)
  2. Announce it on your blog whenever you like.
  3. Return with a link to your blog post talking about how you’re going to take the challenge and participate in October’s Mega Memory Month carnival. I’ll update this post so that participants are front-and-center. (I’d use Mr. Linky, but it doesn’t seem to like very much.)
  4. On Mondays, because it offers the best alliteration, I’ll write a Mega Memory Month post. Chime in with your own progress report that day (or any time during the week) in the comments or at your own blog (it won’t be instant, but I’ll update to your linkage if you supply it). That way we can visit and encourage each other.
  5. Try typing out what you’ve mastered little by little.
  6. Post any memory techniques you’re using, so we can borrow ideas that work.
  7. By the end of the month, present a creative culmination of your work (a video of you–and your family, if they’re participating–reciting it by heart; or write it out by hand and take a photo; or just type it up on the blog).

Borrow the button if you like, to tie us together visually.Nobody is grading or judging us on how well we complete this month-long memory project. But making our intentions public may spur us on to finish successfully.Let’s take a risk. Stretch ourselves.Our minds can hold more than we think they can.

Official Participants List

  1. Rhonda at Whatever… has launched hers. (Check out how she’s going to mark her progress using a simple little text tool.)
  2. Ann V. at Holy Experience has provided us with motivation as well as announced her participation.
  3. Erin Straza is taking advantage of the MMM challenge to help achieve her bigger 101 in 1,001 goals.
  4. Laure at Weaving the Hours chose Ephesians 1. During MMM, I hope we can become, as she wrote, “a very real community of encouragement” to her–in fact, to all of us.
  5. Shepherd’s Grace at beauty in the mundane suggests plugging passages into as a fun way to see key words presented creatively.
  6. Dea at For His Glory…By His Grace says she’s had a head start, so she’s forging ahead in 1 Peter.
  7. Kelly at Generation Cedar is digging into a portion of Psalm 119 and has set several passages to music with CDs she’s created.
  8. Ruth at Caribbean Wordkeeper is hopping in with Romans 8. It may be daunting, she said, but as she pointed out (and this should reassure all of us): in Christ, all things are possible!
  9. Helen at A Work of Heart chose Romans 12.(If you’re still undecided, you could select from Tim LaHaye’s list of Scripture passages he feels that all Christians should master. Helen kindly typed it up for us.)
  10. Veronika of God-Writing is joining MMM, “definitely ready to challenge [her] soul.”
  11. Pauline at This is the Day. What is she memorizing? Romans. All of it!
  12. Michele at Ramblings of Mine will announce her goal later, but is “glad that God can lead us and guide us by people that we don’t even know in person.” She’ll be praying for us. Thanks, Michele.
  13. Alisa at All Is Grace has chosen to memorize the Apostle’s Creed–a memory project that’s doable for her with all of her kids, ranging in age from 2 to 14.
  14. For Tammy at This Pilgrimage, it’s Psalm 91. And she already has the first two verses down.
  15. For her family’s memory work, Jennifer at Scraps and Snippets chose Psalm 1, along with a poem from A Child’s Garden of Verses.
  16. Scott at The Aging of a Not So Superhero is memorizing three hymns: “This Is My Father’s World,” “Be Thou My Vision,” and “Be still My Soul.”
  17. More music with Haley at New Jersey Nest. Including John Denver!
  18. Jennifer at PeaceLedge is memorizing a parable from Matthew 20 with her family.
  19. Trish Southard, a non-blogger (but she does have Facebook), is working on 2 Peter 1:3-11.
  20. Angela at Drawing Nearer is taking on the quiet task of memorizing Isaiah 53.
  21. Kate McDonald at The Accidental Traveler has jumped in with Colossians.
  22. Esther at Outward Expression jumped in, and I apologize for adding her so late!

    (If you’re participating, just provide the link to your post, and I’ll drop it in. However, you don’t need a blog to participate! Let me know in the comments if you’re blogless and memorizing along with us–I’ll put your name and goal up there.)

EDITED: Here is the Mega Collection of Memorization Tips & Techniques. I’ve dropped all memorization links and other resources into this one post and will update over time.For memorization tips, you can visit my last post. (That post’s info can be found at the master list in the mega collection above.)I already gave you the link to Ann V.’s memorization posts, but here they are again.Stretch Mark Mama wrote about it back in January.By Grace Alone posted a cute video of her son singing the fruits of the Spirit to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to illustrate the power of memory work with music. 

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  • Comments

    1. Now that’s an announcement that’s worth trumpeting! I’m in!

      Thank you, Ann…

    2. Thanks for the link love! We’re trying to learn the books of the Old Testament, but the song I have on CD is Not The REAL SONG–The Song I Grew Up With. So we’re having a tough time. Will keep working!

    3. Ann: Excellent! I can’t wait to see what you choose. I’m sure you’ll exceed my modest “mega” memory work.

      Stretch Mark Mama: I wonder if the song I know is the REAL SONG or the substitute one you have on that CD? Hm…now you have me wondering…

    4. Ann, now you’ve got me thinking! (Something you always seem to do…)

      I feel like I’m suffering from early onset alsheimers, my brain is so fuzzy. It could be that my mind is always working on future blog posts and there is no room left for actual memory.

      I will consider doing this, but I’m not ready to commit. The word “mega” intimidates me. Remember, I’m into small things!

    5. alzheimers, not alsheimers. See what I mean??

    6. Rachel Anne: I hate that foggy feeling. I had it after my fourth child was born–a hormonal thing, perhaps?

      And I just want to say that you, of all people, are the perfect one to remind us to break anything down into small, reasonable chunks. One small phrase a day or week would add up to a respectable if not impressive chunk of material, wouldn’t it? I’ll write about that in my next post. It’s a good reminder. I also posted something just at the same time you posted your comment–so read today’s entry. I’m troubled by my own call to “mega”!

    7. Okay, I’m officially in. I posted about it today. Now I need to start memorizing!

    8. I’m in! I am working on Isaiah 40. My favorite verse is 40:31, and I have a desire to work on the entire chapter.

    9. Hi Ann,

      I got caught up reading some of my favorite blogs today and am a little late but I believe that I am up for this mega challenge…I posted yesterday about meditation and contemplation and I think it fits right in with a need to hide God’s Word in my heart in bigger chunks…

      Many years ago, I began memorizing the book of James with a friend…we only made it 2 chapters but it impacted my life greatly.

      There are so many places that I could land but I decided to consult a Tim LaHaye book that includes 12 chapters that he feels every believer should master…a few were already on my list and you may find it fun to know that he has John 14-17 on that list as well.

      So I will decide tonight and get started and write a post and link to your wonderful blog.

      Thanks so much Ann,

      Helen at A Work of Heart


      A humble privilege to join you in making His Word our words, friend…

      Every blessing, Ann….

    11. Thank you for this invitation, Ann. With joy I gratefully enter in with you.


    12. I’m really enjoying visiting everyone’s blogs and reading how you are choosing your passages.

      Thank you for joining me in this memorization extravaganza! Your ideas, inspiration, honesty, and resolve inspire me.

      If you’re participating and you don’t see your name and link on the list above, please let me know via e-mail (ann [at] annkroeker [dot] com or post another comment and I’ll update it as soon as possible.

    13. Ann,

      LOVE this motivation! Thank you for a real, life-changing challenge.

      Here’s my post;

    14. Ann,

      I would LOVE to try this. I confess: I’m a horrible memorizer. Always have been.

      But, then again, I have practically the entire LotR movie trilogy memorized, so… :P

      Anyways, I’d love to give this a shot. Not sure what I’ll memorize yet, but I’ll think about this weekend and post about it when I come up with my passage. Meanwhile, I’ve put the poster in my blog’s sidebar.

      Thanks for such a great challenge! May God continue to bless…and I’ll definitely be coming back to your blog!

    15. Hi Ann,

      Thanks for the nice email…my post is up and I am all ready…so excited!

      Thanks for facilitating this blessed challenge!


    16. I know I’m late … but I’m in! Romans 8 is my chosen passage. Here’s my link –

    17. Wow, what a great idea! I’m in. I’ve been wanting to memorize Psalm 91, and there’s no time like Mega Memory Month :o)

      I just found your blog. Very nice.

    18. Hi Ann, found you from Ann Vs place…this is a great idea and we have decided to join in as well! Our family is studying Martin Luther and the Reformation so my whole family will memorize the Apostles’ Creed. I have ages 2 up to 14 so I wanted something doable for the younger ones…I may end up adding some scripture onto that for us older ones…..even hubby has committed to do this!

      We will be praying for all involved, hiding Gods word in our hearts is so important!!! Here is the link to my blog post

      blessings Alisa

    19. I attempted to comment before but it didn’t show up. What a great challenge. I’ll be memorizing Isaiah 53. I’ve wanted to do this for a while and this is the perfect opportunity. Thanks!


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