Find a Penny…Pick It Up?


The reason The Belgian Wonder and I could take off for that getaway--the first official trip in 14 years of parenting (the only other one was a camping trip six or seven years ago and ranks low in romantic getaway power)--was that The Belgian Wonder's parents were here from, well, Belgium. They … [Read more...]

11 Fun Tips

For those who didn't see last Monday's announcement, I closed down Monday FunDay.Don't get me wrong; we're still having fun. Just not officially on the blog on Mondays.Life is not all fun, of course; sometimes families need to learn to just dig in and get something done.But sometimes, families need … [Read more...]

What? You mean, I have to leave?


    … [Read more...]

Jesus, Be the Lord of My Life Today in New Ways

A couple of months ago, someone introduced this prayer to our church and invited people to commit to praying it for 30 days. Our little family happened to miss almost every weekend service at church that month, so we didn't end up joining the covenant.Later, I asked for a copy.Here it is:Jesus, be … [Read more...]

May I Suggest an Omelette?


We picked out some brie cheese, mushrooms, and a tomato for the omelette innards. I chopped them up, then fluffed the eggs with a fork.I poured the eggs into the skillet. "Would you flip it?" I asked The Belgian Wonder.He agreed."I can't watch," I confessed. The risk of loss was so great; and the … [Read more...]

A Brief Beach Tour


Look who came along on our trip!The cute shoes you met one Monday FunDay stowed away in a suitcase. They couldn't resist showing off a beach flower:And a bed of shell bits:Also, I wanted to show you the view today.Blue skies. Sun.Very nice.Our room is not exactly what one would call high-end luxury … [Read more...]

How Many Nonfiction Books Did You Buy Last Year? How Many Did You Read?


I grabbed a bunch of magazines from my tower of reading material to browse on the plane. One of them is a New Age-y health magazine called Body + Soul. There's some strange stuff in there, but I leafed through and got a recipe for baked beans that looks promising, and found on page 26 some … [Read more...]

Uninterrupted Conversation? This Can Happen?

After 14 years of parenting, I'm about to find out.We parents of four are going on a little outing, just the two of us.Seven years ago was the only time we've traveled anywhere on our own since we've had kids--a short, chilly camping trip. We like camping with the kids, and we hate to complain, but … [Read more...]

Crockpot Broth

** Excuse me...this should be titled Crockpot Stock **Turkey breasts were on sale last week at Kroger, so I bought one and cooked it all day in the crockpot.We enjoyed it as our main course this evening. After dinner, The Belgian Wonder cut every morsel of meat from the carcass. We'll use the … [Read more...]

Oreo Accident

Can I just say that I'm very sad that the truck accident that caused 14 tons of double-stuffed Oreos to spread across an Illinois Interstate caused such traffic grief...and I sure hope that the truck driver is okay...but, wow, would that be an amazing sight to see!Did drivers get out and scavenge?I … [Read more...]