Monday FunDay

Monday FunDay

Oh, yes, it’s Monday FunDay, friends. Time to swap simple, amusing–maybe even silly–everyday ways you and your family can enjoy some good, clean fun.A quick review–you can write up a little post with a story, idea, or explanation of how you and/or your family has livened up Mondays (or any day).Then link up via Mr. Linky below and we’ll collect all the ideas in one place. Again, please remember: ideas must be squeaky-clean, family-friendly fun.So here’s what I was thinking about. The phrase Monday FunDay brought to mind the song “Monday, Monday” by The Mamas and The Papas.I suppose you’ll think I’m spending great gobs of time on YouTube, because here I am posting yet another clip. But I promise you I’ve actually been hard at work on my book project, not digging up retro videos. I simply thought of that song and decided to search for it. This black-and-white 1966 performance popped up.So I started listening to it, bouncing happily to the music and feeling kind of groovy, when I suddenly realized, “What did he just say? Hey, wait a minute! This isn’t a happy song at all!”[youtube=]It starts out hopeful, with “Monday Monday, so good to me/Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be.”Happy, right?Well, not for long. It takes a sorrowful turn lyrically, and yet unless you were listening closely, you might never know it. To my untrained, unmusical ear, the music still sounds bouncy and positive as they sing, “Monday morning couldn’t guarantee/That Monday evening you would still be here with me.”The singers sway and grin as they go on to sing that Monday, well, you just can’t trust that day…sometimes it just turns out that way…it gave no warning of what was to be…how you could leave and not take me. Every other day of the week is fine, they sing, but whenever Monday comes…”You can find me cryin’ all of the time.”Silly me! I thought it was a happy song, a fun song! In fact, when it came to mind (before I actually listened to it), I thought, “Wouldn’t that be a fun theme song for Monday FunDay?”Now that I know the lyrics, well, of course it’s not at all a good theme for a fun Monday. I don’t want anybody cryin’ all the time. That’s the opposite effect I’d like to have.But it did make me think of an idea that is fun.If you happen to watch the video, you’ll see that in spite of the rather depressing message of the lyrics, the singers all keep dancing, swaying, and smiling, in keeping with the feel and mood of the music.Ah, dancing. Now that can be fun.For today’s Monday FunDay, I’d like to suggest that you crank up some music and dance:If you like ’80s pop, turn it up and burn calories by employing erratic, energetic movements with no real form. Or walk like an Egyptian.Choose rock-n-roll, and maybe you can play air guitar and fling your hair around wildly.How about a classical song? Fake some ballet–or pull out your old slippers and do some real ballet, if you know how. Or grab a kid and try a waltz.Can you swing dance? Teach the kids and give it a go.Christian pop? Express your joy. Worship. “Let them praise his name with dancing” (Psalm 149:3a).I left out lots of styles, from jazz and reggae to mambo and country. You just go ahead and pick whatever’s fun to you, crank it up, and let yourself go.Instructions for Mr. Linky:1. After you’ve typed up your Monday FunDay edition and posted it at your blog, come back here and click on Mr. Linky to add your link.2. A window will prompt you to type in your name. Type in your name or blog name, and in parenthesis, include a two- or three-word “teaser” for your idea. Something like this:Ann K (secret pancake messages)3. Below that is a spot for you to paste in the url of your post. Copy the url for your own Monday FunDay idea and paste it in (including the http:// part of it).That’s it! It should be saved by Mr. Linky and appear back at this post. To see what others have posted, click on Mr. Linky and pay a visit to the fun bloggers who have joined in!Next time your coworkers or neighbors complain about how depressing Mondays are, send them here, to discover ways that they can make their Mondays…funner.It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how!

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  • Comments

    1. Ann, thanks for reminding me to try a little harder on Mondays.

      Sometimes on Mondays I am tempted to retreat from a weekend of nonstop family togetherness.

      Perhaps stretching the fun into Monday will make the week less either/or for me.

    2. Lynn Hopper says:

      When you were little, someone gave us a stack of records (probably for your musically inclined brother) that included “Monday, Monday.” You probably weren’t paying attention to lyrics at such a young age, and only the upbeat tune stayed with you!!

      I, on the other hand, tried to make you stop listening to it, at least when I was in the room!!!

    3. Lynn Hopper says:

      P.S. As you know, I always listen to lyrics, even though with some “modern” songs I don’t always hear them right…..

    4. Meredith: This “Monday, Monday” revelation made me think of all the other negative songs about Mondays (rainy days and Mondays always get me down…just another manic Monday…). I thought it would be nice to counteract all of the downer thoughts. I love your Monday movie night idea–it’s something everyone can look forward to in your family!

      Lynn: Hi there, Mom! Well, I usually listen to the lyrics, but I guess I didn’t when I was 7 years old–did I sway and smile to the song as pleasantly as the women in the video clip?

      Your second comment made me laugh–there are so many songs where I’ve just made up something, not sure what the real lyrics were. Now, of course, I would be able to Google and find out the real words. In high school and college, I just guessed. I wish I could think of an example.

    5. Monday, Monday was my favorite song during my “teeny bopper” days. Nice harmonies.

      Fun Monday is a great idea! Maybe I’ll join in next time…

      Blessings, e-Mom

    6. Sorry Ann, I don’t have a post, but I do have a great idea that goes along with yours. We’re going to have a concert tonight – starring the three darlings that live here. They can perform a dance, or sing on the karaoke machine, or even recite a poem. The kids even made little tickets to come to their concert. Sounds like fun to me!

    7. That video made me laugh. Mondays are definitely not the most fun day for me, because I’m going from 6:30 in the morning until (today at least) probably 8:00 at night. My fun time will be going to bed! :-)

    8. I just posted my Monday FunDay!

    9. e-Mom: As my mom points out in an earlier comment, evidently I loved the beat and harmonies, too, paying no attention to the lyrics.

      Heather: Oh, I hope your concert was fabulous! I love that idea–complete with tickets. I’ll have to slip over to your blog sometime and see if you write about it!

      Anna: Oh, I’m glad you liked the video, so maybe you had one bright moment in your otherwise relentless Monday. “Just another manic Monday” might be your theme song these days?

      Susan: I love it! Thanks for participating!

    10. I just posted my Fun thing! Check it out!

      Count your blessings!

    11. Another great Fun-day! Thanks! * Check out my FunDay post!


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