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Cerebral calisthenics.Brain Fitness.Brain food.Miracle-Gro for the Mind.These phrases seem to complement (or trump) my “Six Ways to Refresh Your Mind” post from long ago. I hope to keep my mind refreshed, fit and alert over the long haul, so I’m always on the prowl for helpful mind-building exercises and advice. Because of this, I took note of the post in which Mental Multivitamin alerted her readers to a resource for keeping one’s mind youthful, alive, and refreshed: a book called The Intellectual Devotional, a secular collection of 365 lessons intended to inspire and invigorate the mind of an aspiring intellectual every day of the year.What’s more, she pointed out that Prevention magazine seems to have partnered with the publisher or author to deliver similar “Brain Fitness” assignments in an eNewsletter.She also pointed to another article in the December issue of Prevention that promotes trying something new every day to shake up old habits and kick into learning mode, encouraging the brain to grow new cells and develop new branches and pathways.The list of suggestions included: “Eat at an ethnic restaurant.”I thought of that and felt so very smart last week when I went out with two friends to an Afghani restaurant. After, we headed to a small cafe where I ordered their specialty, Algerian tea. A treat to go with it? Crepes! (It was my friend’s birthday, so we calorically splurged). In one evening, I enjoyed a taste of three different countries, all delicious. I’m sure my dendrites were sizzlin’.To keep up that alert feeling, I signed up for the Prevention newsletter. But I warn you, I’ll have to practice shaking up any old blog-habits I might have gotten into. I tell you, you’ll log on to this blog and won’t know what to expect (not that you ever do anyway). E=mc2 “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union….””Et tu, Brute?”However, before going too far, I want to add something in hopes of providing perspective: I don’t want to buy into the wisdom of the world–after all, God will destroy the wisdom of the wise and set aside the cleverness of the clever. In Christ Jesus, God has made foolish the wisdom of this world.Yes, He gave us these fantastic minds to develop. It’s a privilege to stretch them and keep them in shape, but that alone can’t bring about transformation. We need Truth.

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will (Romans 12:2).

Sure, I’ll enjoy great writing, beautiful art, delectable foods, and maybe even try some math puzzles…maybe…but for true renewal of the mind, I will spend time with the Lord in prayer and study of His Word. Really.Foolish? The world might think so.For me, the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. And knowledge.It all starts with Him. Otherwise, it’s chasing after the wind. Apart from Him, I can do nothing. Learn nothing. Comprehend nothing.A mind alive finds its life and energy in Christ.

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    1. Perfect thoughts and so nicely said.

    2. So glad I read this. Thanks for the suggestions and reminders.

    3. My DH bought me a DS for Christmas because I was admiring the “Brainage” games and thinking they could help me stay smart. They are rilly fun, and I thingk they r werking real gud!

    4. Too true! Also because when I start my day with prayer and scripture, I’m more excited to spend my free time learning, whereas when I skip them, I feel spiritually limp and just want to plop down on the sofa with a junk magazine . . . . good counsel!

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