Feelin' Groovy

Sometimes I just stumble on something that I take for granted and suddenly realize that the kids have never seen, heard, smelled, tasted, encountered or ever thought about it.Like a famous line from an old movie. Just the other day, one of the girls had a friend over who had to work on some Latin … [Read more...]

A Couple of Flourishing, Contemplative Moms

Check out Andrea's interview with me over at Flourishing Mother.Andrea and I chat about life as a contemplative mom, getting kids out in nature to connect with God better, and practical ideas for communing with Jesus.And if you haven't entered my Bloggy Giveaway for a chance at winning a copy of my … [Read more...]

Bloggy Giveaway and Other Fun

** IMPORTANT UPDATE **I'm so impressed with the response to my book giveaway--thank you for your interest and great comments! I've decided to accept entries until 4:00 p.m. this Saturday, February 2. I'll hold the drawing shortly thereafter. How was your Monday? Was it really so miserable that … [Read more...]

Monday FunDay

Not long ago, I generated a list of ways to feel young again. Today, I got to thinking about another list of simple little ways to inject some fun into the day--for families and anyone else who feels winter-dreary.And then, I thought, Hey, what better day than Monday--when people feel a little … [Read more...]

Look Me in the Eyes

Usually it's the mom who insists, "Look me in the eyes."But sometimes it's the other way around. You see, at our house, it's one of my children who insists on eye contact.When The Boy was younger and asked me a question, I would sometimes respond without looking at him if I were busy in the kitchen … [Read more...]

Small Changes, Big Impact

One of my many magazines came in the mail the other day, and as I flipped through, I stopped on a small report on how airlines are trying to do small things to lessen their impact.American Airlines added some kind of wingtip extensions to its 737s that should save a lot of fuel--up to 290,000 … [Read more...]

Maybe *this* is where the kids are?

As you know, I'd love to see kids playing outside more.But if the reason young people aren't out building snowmen is because they're in their garages working on these, or these, I'm okay with that.I'm impressed. … [Read more...]

Love Those Lentils

Years ago, my sister-in-law told me about a cookbook calledMore-with-Less Cookbooksuggestions by Mennonites on how to eat better and consume less of the world's limited food resourcesby Doris Janzen LongacreThe copyright dates back to 1976 and has been renewed, renewed and renewed. Mine leads up … [Read more...]

Where Are All the Children?

After school a couple of days ago, the kids and I walked to a nearby pond. A layer of ice coated most of the pond. Near the edges, the ice was thinner, and the kids discovered that with a stick, they could chip at the edges and break off ice chunks.They piled the chunks behind them for later use. … [Read more...]

The Huguenot Cross

This morning I wore a necklace with a Huguenot Cross pendant, and a friend noticed and asked about it. I told her that it was a Huguenot Cross and is often worn by Protestant believers in Europe. It's full of symbolism, but all I could think of at the moment--the opening song had just started … [Read more...]