Ode to a Rubber Scraper

Ah, the humble scraper.The rubber kitchen scraper:

  • swipes every last drop of salsa or jam from its jar
  • cleans out the peanut butter or Nutella jar with a few strokes along the sides and bottom (sometimes producing enough for an extra sandwich)
  • can eke out an extra crepe or pancake from the batter remains stuck to the mixing bowl

Why don’t people use ‘em?In a family of six, that extra crepe can even out servings or reward a kid who’s shown patience and generosity.Scraper-use reduces waste and saves money.And they rinse clean afterwards, so it’s not like they’re a huge dishwashing burden–besides, by scraping off batter and bits, they actually clean off the stuff that tends to dry like concrete and stick stubbornly to bowls and storage containers. In that way, they make food preparation and serving dishes more responsive to the dishwasher’s cleaning action.I use them daily to be sure I’m not rinsing down the drain some perfectly edible food. In fact just today, at lunch, I used my old, blue-handled scraper to clean out a nacho cheese tub that the kids were prepared to dispose of. They had used a spoon to extract as much as possible, but I noted plenty of streaks left behind. My scraper-swipes collected two additional servings. Yum.The scraper is a kitchen essential for us–a humble and faithful contributor to maximizing my food preparation efforts.I therefore offer this short tribute to the kitchen scraper.

Ode to a Rubber Scraper

The faithful Scraperfills my skillet with good things;my plate with culinary riches.It extends our resourcesthat we might satisfy our loved oneswith more than enough.

The faithful Scraper, has taught usto stretchwhat we haveand sharethe bounty.

The Scraper is my friend;a kitchen companionthrough thick and thin.

Turn to the Scraperand find hidden in plain sightmore than you thought possible.

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  • Comments

    1. i’m with you on this one, sistah! when i watch cooking shows and they don’t use a rubber spatula!!!??? i go nuts watching what they throw away underneath that magical counter…

    2. I’ve got to admit, I’m a little lost on the Beowulf (I can’t even spell it) but Rubber Scraper odes, now THAT I get.

      I remember my grandma scraping every last drip of ice cream out of the carton with one. The carton was so clean when she was done, it looked like new. She was amazing with that thing.

      I share your love for this lowly, unsung hero of the kitchen utensils. It really struts its stuff when it comes to cookie dough and cake batter. You can’t “lick the bowl” without one!

    3. Carole Dickson says:

      Yeah, ditto, everything you said! But I vote for the scrapers that are made from one piece of material, instead of the ones with a handle that attaches into the rubber. I’ve had more scrapers ruined from going into the dishwasher and then the handle separating from the rubber ….. not a pretty sight when you have to dig into your cake batter for the rubber part of the scraper that fell off the handle. And then if you don’t dig it out, it makes for a very chewy piece of cake as a surprise for someone.


    4. Peanut butter, jelly, applesause, salsa, shortening, mayo, margarine, cake batter, pancakes, muffins, shall I keep going?

      Yes, that little rubber scrapper helps with everything!

    5. You mean there are people out there that don’t use a rubber scrapper? I can’t imagine baking without one

    6. Alas, it is too bad you can’t buy them any more. Mine have been wearing out, so I have been looking more and more recently, but a mad search has revealed that they just don’t make them any more. Apparently the mad rush to silicone has eclipsed them, never mind that silicone does not work. Silicone won’t burn, but it does a lousy job. Like you even need a heat resistant scraper.

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