Write from the Heart

At the writers' colloquium I attended last weekend, the one where Haven Kimmel brought the keynote message, I participated in a breakout session entitled "Writing from the Heart." The workshop leader, Brent Bill, led us through a couple of simple exercises designed to illustrate that while it's … [Read more...]

Adventures in Literary Outings

I promised a report from the literary event I attended, a colloquium at which Haven Kimmel, author of several books including a favorite of mine called A Girl Named Zippy, was the keynote speaker.It's been years since I read Zippy. Not long before I was heading to the colloquium, I happened across a … [Read more...]

"Fall, Y'all!" Giveaway Item–a Book, of Course

*** Most Up-to-date Update: Comments/Entries are now closed. I shall now access the online random integer generator to discover who will receive a complimentary copy of The Contemplative Mom ****** Update: I'll hold the drawing as close as possible to 10:00 p.m. (Eastern time) this Saturday, … [Read more...]

Today's Post: The Intellectual Equivalent of a Cheeto

I still want to post about my Adventures in Literary Outings, and I actually have a bloggy giveaway to offer.But today, I ran out of time to write.It just figures, after all my talk of feeding my readers meaningful, relevant content, that I'd have no time to write.Never promise anything on your … [Read more...]

Recognize Your Limits

Last Saturday, The Boy said, "Since tomorrow is a day of rest, I think I'll take a long nap. I'm pretty tired, and I need to sleep."He knew his limits and recognized the benefit of taking a day off to literally rest.Oh, that we all could do the same--that we might recognize our limits, and take time … [Read more...]

Feed Me, Seymour!

At a writing event this weekend, one of the speakers leading a breakout session mentioned his blog. He said, "A blog is like an animal--you must feed it."True. To keep a blog alive, it needs food in the form of quality content.But how much? And how often? Monster-plant-sized portions daily, or a … [Read more...]

Because Sometimes a Few Minutes' Meaningless Diversion is Refreshing

Like Penguin Batting, I Do Dog Tricks offers a harmless and amusing diversion for a few minutes, thanks to the talents of a clever computer programmer and a cute yorkie that does dog tricks that you type in.Just think up a typical dog trick, enter the command into the space provided, and watch the … [Read more...]

If you see someone drowning…

I was cruising the blogosphere and came across a link to this story about a Polish woman named Irena Sendler.She saved 2,500 children from the Holocaust by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland.Interesting, isn't it, how close her name is to Schindler?According to that story about her … [Read more...]

A Great Excuse to Talk to Yourself

One time I sat through part of my kids' spring musical program fretting and worried that I had forgotten to unplug the iron.Thankfully, my neighbor was home. I phoned her at intermission and asked if she would please not laugh at me and please, please, pretty please go over to my house and check.She … [Read more...]

The Magical World of Logs, Branches, Leaves, and Sawdust

We spent the weekend with extended family in a rural, wooded setting a few hours from home. A tree had been felled a week or so prior to our arrival, and the treecutter sliced the trunk into logs of various sizes, leaving them for us--or someone--to split and stack. The old tree trunk formed … [Read more...]