Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes, What You See

The other day, The Boy watched a movie that had a sad scene in it.That night, he climbed into bed with us. “Bad dream,” he explained, before flopping onto the covers and settling in next to us.Next morning, I asked him about it. He told me some of the dream’s storylines, and they were obviously connected to the movie.”I wondered if you should watch that,” I said. He has a tender heart and is affected by sad scenes.”Well, you know that everything I hear with my ears (pointer fingers indicating each ear), and everything I see with my eyes (pokes his eyes for a second, smooshing the lid a bit for effect), goes into my brain (thwap! He slaps the top of his head)!”That pretty much sums it up.It’s too bad more people don’t grasp that basic fact and let just about anything enter in.

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    1. Such a simple fact and yet so difficult for people to really grasp. It’s touching hearing it in such simple straight-forward language.

    2. He sounds so much like my 9 year-old. :o)

    3. Smart kids! I am so careful about what my kids watch. Once when my son was about 3 he watched What Dreams May Come, not sure if that is the right title, but Robbin Williams was falling in his dream land and my son had falling nightmares for weeks.

      Sometimes we filter out all the “bad” stuff but something as simple as falling can be scary for kids.

    4. Good point! I’m glad you blogged this…he might need to remember this same thing one day when he’s older, too!

    5. Amen, sister! Preach it!

    6. Susan Ginn says:

      I was in line at the library a couple days ago and behind me was a couple with a huge stack of videos and a 7-year-old little girl (maybe even younger). She asked what one of their movies was. They said the name was “Tremors” which if memory serves me correctly is not something a 7-year-old should watch. She asked if she could watch it with them and they said it will give you nightmares (I thought they were going to leave the conversation there) but continued to say, “so if you watch it with us you’re going to have to sleep in your own bed afterwards.” UGH!! I felt so sad for the lack of direction these parents gave this child.

    7. There’s so much that we *can’t* control regarding what our kids see, that I want to be careful to control what I *can*.

      Susan–You got me on that story. I knew there’d be a surprise twist at the end. So discouraging.

    8. That boy has got it going on. Better to learn that at an early age. As I’ve said, there are some things that once seen can never be unseen.

      Found this post on a web search. Keep up the good work!

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